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Big Brother episode 2 recap

Big Brother episode 2 recap

Hello everyone and welcome to Big Brother buddy blog about Big Brother season 17 episode 2 recap. First off, I would like to say I am sorry for a few mistakes I made in yesterday's post about episode 1.

First of all, one problem was that the battle the block was announced before the competition, sorry about that everyone.

Also the Twin Twist would bring an identical set of twins into the house they would swap places with one another for several weeks and if they managed to stay in for so long(without anyone figuring out they were twins) they would be allowed to both come into the game as separate equal competitors.

Okay so let's go ahead and get started with yesterday's episode. 6 new house guests were let into the house at the start of the episode these were Steve and awkward engineer / genius, Vanessa a world famous poker player and DJ, Jason a happy, young, openly gay grocery store worker/superfan, John a rockstar dentist, and finally Liz and Becky no info really gotten off on them.

Once situated, the HGs once again had a roundtable discussing their personalities/ history. During this time some notable things happened.

First off several people noticed Steve's awkwardness and wondered about his effectiveness in the game. Vanessa decided to come forward as only a DJ hiding her poker skills from the other players. John would follow in her footsteps merely mentioning that he was a dentist however Da'Vonne did not believe him, stating that he did not give off a dentist vibe in her diary room sessions.

Jason came forward as an openly gay man happy and bubbly the whole time with an extreme social game. He may be a threat to look out for in the social aspects of this game later on in the season. Liz and Becky both seem to catch James eye, but what they said has totally lost me for the same reason that Shelli's was(not enough info). A showmance may be in the future for James if he could just get up the courage to ask one.

After everyone had their say, someone finally mentioned, frightening the other hgs, that two chairs still remained unoccupied.

It was at this time that outside the house Julie called on Phil Keoghan of the Amazing Race to come forward for the very first BB takeover of season 17. Phil went on the screens to tell the house guests that in seasons past big brother has given two teams to the Amazing Race. These were Jeff and Jordan, and Rachel and (some guy I don't know sorry everyone).

This year on BB 17 he said that they would reverse. He gave the BB cast two new faces of Jeff and Jackie of the Amazing Race: season 26. Though teammates on the show they apparently did not get along well based on their video.

Once inside the house they were actively greeted however several whispers went around the room. Da'Vonne and James showed outward fear of the two seeing as they were a couple outside the house first. Da'Vonne comparing them saying that they had already done Gulliver's Travels and didn't know how they would handle the house.

The new house guests were then called into the backyard to participate in the second HOH comp of the summer. on Wednesday the competitors were said to be on the red carpet at the screening of UFOhno. However Thursday the new house guess we're supposed to be on the set.

When they came into the backyard they found themselves in a sort of a cornfield area with fences, an alien family, UFOs hovering overhead, and a demon cow with red eyes and green veins on the side of its head. They were all dressed in overalls and straps were attached to them from behind, and placed next to certain log standing upright.

The comp was simple, hold on to the log as hard as they could and try not to get sucked up into the UFO as the cables added more and more weight, pulling them up into the UFO. When the count first started everyone latched on with arms and legs trying to hold on for dear life, telling the other house guests who set nearby the test was harder than it look.

They had only been at it for a little while when an earlier houseguest mentioned that they had been hit with tomato juice in their comp, and saying that the new house guess were lucky. Jason turned to them and said that they were just too good for that just as a stream of slime was sprayed on each competing house guest, making it harder to hold on to their logs.

Steve said in a diary room afterwards he was trying to hang on long enough so that he could not be seen as an easy target but also not a threat however he was the first to be pulled up. It is notable to say that when he fell he did not have his glasses on and that I do not know if he found them afterwards.

The next person to fail was Jeff who said in the diary room afterwards that he gave up trying to make a smaller target on his back, knowing he already had one. John came next quickly followed by Becky, coming back to back trying to hold on, but it was just too much for them.

Liz got encouragement from everyone in the crowd as she held on for dear life. She appeared to be winning at first until a sudden slip left her at the top of the pole. She held on as long as she could with only her hands as her legs were held in the air making it even harder but in the end she had to let go.

When Jackie and Jason were the last two remaining Jason struck a deal with her. He was still at the bottom of the pole obviously going to win, while she was at the top barely hanging on, he gave her the deal that if she would let go he would not put her up for eviction. After swearing an agreement from him she let go.

Now we will just have to wait and see if Jason will use his new position as HOH to begin to build trust with others, or turn back on Jackie and put her up on the block first thing. Only time will tell. Also, James is free to put her up, no problems there.

While everyone recovered from the comp, Phil came on the screens with a message for Da'Vonne and Vanessa(who both sat out the HOH comps) telling them simply: risks have rewards, before signing off. More twists! More suprises! Its still anybodys game, and remember: Expect the Unexpected. Bye everyone!

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