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BB16 Power Rankings Week #5: King Zach Brings Chaos

BB16 Power Rankings Week #5: King Zach Brings Chaos

This week in the Big Brother house people got played, people got yelled at, and Caleb continued to be Caleb. The moment Zach won HoH I screamed like a little schoolgirl. But come on, it was justified. Zach Attack earned his name ten-fold this week as the house realized he's a psycho. An entertaining psycho.

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Amber
This season has lent itself to have more "players" than we've seen in a while, with some exceptions. Those exceptions include the first five evicted. An argument could be made to say Amber was player, but for the wrong reasons. She worked with people that wanted her out and never knew they did until it was too late. The time Amber spent in the house consisted of her never agreeing or disagreeing with other's plans. Playing "Switzerland" gets you no where in this house (except out the front door). And then Caleb. Caleb basically drove you to this point for reasons we all know. With Caleb in that house, you were basically primed for eviction.

11. Victoria.
...yeah so...Victoria only had about five minutes of screen time this week. She cried. Then she cried again. Oh, and she got put on the block I think.

10. Jocasta.
Wow. Jocasta got more screen time this week then she has with every other week combined. And every second of it proved why she should still be this low. She's like a more tame Zach. Seriously, re-watch her video diaries. She speaks to herself and inanimate objects. Actually let me rephrase that. Jocasta calls herself and inanimate object. "Hello? Yes? The block? Yeah, I'm still here ya'll." Basically, Jocasta is a comic relief character and not much more.

9. Donny.
I HATE putting Donny here. But let me explain. Donny's overall likability is what allows him to thrive in this game. However, that doesn't mean he has influence. Team America helps with putting his foot in the door, but he still hasn't gone out to make any deals. People love Donny in the house yet he is being brought up as a pawn option time and time again. With the Detonators having fewer and fewer targets each week, Donny needs to step it up. Being safe and being powerful are two different things.

8. Caleb. 
As much as he would like to think he's the king of the house, he's actually the jester. He has no game perception and got played HARD this week. The Detonators plan to take out Amber was twisted into a way where Caleb thought he came up with it. He straight up evicted his "queen." A week ago I thought Caleb might stalk Amber into his own eviction, and instead he ends up being a part of her's. If beast-mode cowboy actually wised up a little, he'd see the truth of his situation: he's being used. Big time.

7. Nicole.
Nicole being put on the block this week showed us that the Detonators have a pool of people they intend to put on the block as pawns to get out their true targets. With less targets, Nicole is slipping out of that pool and into a different role. The power she posses resides only with influence over Hayden and Christine. As the weeks continue it seems that the house will be split between the Detonators and "the others," with Nicole and Hayden as the bigger threats. Nicole needs a power role to gain more trust with others or else her side of the house will crumble.

6. Zach.
The king himself. Zach moves around the most on my rankings because of his predictable unpredictability. This week, Zach plunged his hand into chaos as he had fun with the other houseguests. Seeing him pull strings is amazing television, like with trying to blow up Christine's game. However, that charade of craziness can only hold weight for so long. He has now taken the role of scapegoat as people blame him for sticky situations in their game. Who knows what Zach will do next. I just hope to see him a bit longer. The guy is a lunatic, but a fun one at that.

5. Hayden.
Why does everyone trust this guy? It seems to me that the entire house wants  Hayden in on their plans. Whether it be Nicole and Christine, Frankie's backdoor plan, or Caleb's delusions, everyone likes Hayden! Where Hayden stands out this week in terms of using this is key. He used the veto he won when he could have easily stepped aside without any blood on his hands. Hayden gained an ally in Victoria as well as trust from the Detonators by going along with their plan. It was the perfect move to use that veto.

4. Cody.
Cody seems to be a mid-tier player in his alliance. He isn't out making moves or talking game to the other side of the house, but he's in a good position. The problem he has is that his influence is basically tied down to the Detonators. The second someone like Jocasta or Donny win HoH, Cody could very well be up there. He needs to utilize his charm more widely in terms of game and forge some actual connections with lower players like Donny before he moves up higher.

3. Christine.
Uh-oh! Christine's game was almost blown-up by Zach this week. His little conversation with Nicole planted some distrust between her and Christine. After she cleaned up that mess, she confronted Zach. THAT'S A NO-NO. Confrontation in the Big Brother house is not a good idea, no matter how much support you have behind you. Zach's time will come when the house becomes over-saturated with his craziness. This is not that time. No matter how much he may bother her, the real game move is to plant seeds of distrust with the rest of the alliance. Christine's power falls slightly this week because of her association with not pulling weight in the Detonators. You don't want Zach against you.

2. Frankie.
Frankie's plan was executed perfectly this week. Amber left and Caleb was on board with it. Frankie has chosen the smart path of being close allies with Caleb through this all as it means he holds authority over what he does. Caleb believes himself to be pulling the strings of the alliance when Frankie is actually pulling his. Setting up shop next to Zach also helps his game. The craziest man in the house being on your side is a plus because it means a) he won't be after you and b) he will be targeted before you. The only thing keeping Frankie out of the number 1 seat is all of the side deals he's been half-making. It might catch up to him.


1. Derrick.
Damage-control Derrick. My MAN. I will be biased towards Derrick until he gives me reason not too. Derrick is good with everyone and has influence over them just as well, even Jocasta and Victoria. The reason Derrick takes his rightful spot back as #1 this week is because of a big event that wasn't heavily emphasized on the show. For about an hour on Wednesday, the plan changed to voting out Jocasta. Christine, Cody, and Frankie were having second-thoughts about who was better for their own game to leave. Derrick wasn't having any of that. In one of the sleekest ways possible, Detective Derrick posed questions instead of assertions to make sure everything was back on track. He is man of true smoothness.

That's it for this week. Come back next week to see if Zach exploded again. And that's a big possibility. As always, make sure to leave a comment explaining why I'm wrong about everything. See ya!
  1. my only thing is Frankie should be not be top 3. his paranoia is running him and will continue to do so.also people are already setting up shop to back door him with in the next two weeks. Just my opinion. :-)


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