BB16 Power Rankings Week #5: King Zach Brings Chaos

This week in the Big Brother house people got played, people got yelled at, and Caleb continued to be Caleb. The moment Zach won HoH I screamed like a little schoolgirl. But come on, it was justified. Zach Attack earned his name ten-fold this week as the house realized he's a psycho. An entertaining psycho.

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Amber
This season has lent itself to have more "players" than we've seen in a while, with some exceptions. Those exceptions include the first five evicted. An argument could be made to say Amber was player, but for the wrong reasons. She worked with people that wanted her out and never knew they did until it was too late. The time Amber spent in the house consisted of her never agreeing or disagreeing with other's plans. Playing "Switzerland" gets you no where in this house (except out the front door). And then Caleb. Caleb basically drove you to this point for reasons we all know. With Caleb in that house, you were basically primed for eviction.

11. Victoria.
...yeah so...Victoria only had about five minutes of screen time this week. She cried. Then she cried again. Oh, and she got put on the block I think.

10. Jocasta.
Wow. Jocasta got more screen time this week then she has with every other week combined. And every second of it proved why she should still be this low. She's like a more tame Zach. Seriously, re-watch her video diaries. She speaks to herself and inanimate objects. Actually let me rephrase that. Jocasta calls herself and inanimate object. "Hello? Yes? The block? Yeah, I'm still here ya'll." Basically, Jocasta is a comic relief character and not much more.

9. Donny.
I HATE putting Donny here. But let me explain. Donny's overall likability is what allows him to thrive in this game. However, that doesn't mean he has influence. Team America helps with putting his foot in the door, but he still hasn't gone out to make any deals. People love Donny in the house yet he is being brought up as a pawn option time and time again. With the Detonators having fewer and fewer targets each week, Donny needs to step it up. Being safe and being powerful are two different things.

8. Caleb. 
As much as he would like to think he's the king of the house, he's actually the jester. He has no game perception and got played HARD this week. The Detonators plan to take out Amber was twisted into a way where Caleb thought he came up with it. He straight up evicted his "queen." A week ago I thought Caleb might stalk Amber into his own eviction, and instead he ends up being a part of her's. If beast-mode cowboy actually wised up a little, he'd see the truth of his situation: he's being used. Big time.

7. Nicole.
Nicole being put on the block this week showed us that the Detonators have a pool of people they intend to put on the block as pawns to get out their true targets. With less targets, Nicole is slipping out of that pool and into a different role. The power she posses resides only with influence over Hayden and Christine. As the weeks continue it seems that the house will be split between the Detonators and "the others," with Nicole and Hayden as the bigger threats. Nicole needs a power role to gain more trust with others or else her side of the house will crumble.

6. Zach.
The king himself. Zach moves around the most on my rankings because of his predictable unpredictability. This week, Zach plunged his hand into chaos as he had fun with the other houseguests. Seeing him pull strings is amazing television, like with trying to blow up Christine's game. However, that charade of craziness can only hold weight for so long. He has now taken the role of scapegoat as people blame him for sticky situations in their game. Who knows what Zach will do next. I just hope to see him a bit longer. The guy is a lunatic, but a fun one at that.

5. Hayden.
Why does everyone trust this guy? It seems to me that the entire house wants  Hayden in on their plans. Whether it be Nicole and Christine, Frankie's backdoor plan, or Caleb's delusions, everyone likes Hayden! Where Hayden stands out this week in terms of using this is key. He used the veto he won when he could have easily stepped aside without any blood on his hands. Hayden gained an ally in Victoria as well as trust from the Detonators by going along with their plan. It was the perfect move to use that veto.

4. Cody.
Cody seems to be a mid-tier player in his alliance. He isn't out making moves or talking game to the other side of the house, but he's in a good position. The problem he has is that his influence is basically tied down to the Detonators. The second someone like Jocasta or Donny win HoH, Cody could very well be up there. He needs to utilize his charm more widely in terms of game and forge some actual connections with lower players like Donny before he moves up higher.

3. Christine.
Uh-oh! Christine's game was almost blown-up by Zach this week. His little conversation with Nicole planted some distrust between her and Christine. After she cleaned up that mess, she confronted Zach. THAT'S A NO-NO. Confrontation in the Big Brother house is not a good idea, no matter how much support you have behind you. Zach's time will come when the house becomes over-saturated with his craziness. This is not that time. No matter how much he may bother her, the real game move is to plant seeds of distrust with the rest of the alliance. Christine's power falls slightly this week because of her association with not pulling weight in the Detonators. You don't want Zach against you.

2. Frankie.
Frankie's plan was executed perfectly this week. Amber left and Caleb was on board with it. Frankie has chosen the smart path of being close allies with Caleb through this all as it means he holds authority over what he does. Caleb believes himself to be pulling the strings of the alliance when Frankie is actually pulling his. Setting up shop next to Zach also helps his game. The craziest man in the house being on your side is a plus because it means a) he won't be after you and b) he will be targeted before you. The only thing keeping Frankie out of the number 1 seat is all of the side deals he's been half-making. It might catch up to him.


1. Derrick.
Damage-control Derrick. My MAN. I will be biased towards Derrick until he gives me reason not too. Derrick is good with everyone and has influence over them just as well, even Jocasta and Victoria. The reason Derrick takes his rightful spot back as #1 this week is because of a big event that wasn't heavily emphasized on the show. For about an hour on Wednesday, the plan changed to voting out Jocasta. Christine, Cody, and Frankie were having second-thoughts about who was better for their own game to leave. Derrick wasn't having any of that. In one of the sleekest ways possible, Detective Derrick posed questions instead of assertions to make sure everything was back on track. He is man of true smoothness.

That's it for this week. Come back next week to see if Zach exploded again. And that's a big possibility. As always, make sure to leave a comment explaining why I'm wrong about everything. See ya!


BB16 Power Rankings Week #4: The One Where Caleb Is a Creep

Hello and welcome back to the weekly blog about a show where a straight man and the gay brother of Ariana Grande have more chemistry than a cowboy and a model. 

This week, Cody showed 100% more strategy inside and outside of the DR while the stalk-mance continued its ever-so-creepy belligerence.  Donny was again placed on the block as a pawn, an unpopular move to the viewers but actually very smart play for The Detonators. Want to know why? No? Just read the rankings anyway, geez...

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Brittany
Not to be rude, but Brittany's only relevance this season was her Veto ceremony rant and kicking a soccer ball. Brittany seems to be a truly honest, sincere, and straight-forward person at heart. And it's exactly why she walked out that door. Her constant complaining to houseguests about the rest of the house was her big downfall. Telling someone something bad about their best friend is a sure-fire way for them to tattle on you Brittany. You could tell she was a recruit for the season based solely on how...well...she never made a single alliance. The only reason she even lasted this long is because Devin had one of his many brain aneurysms and used the veto on her. A recently single mother is not the optimal person to have in the Big Brother house, mainly because they are still trying to figure out who they are or what they want in their life.

12. Victoria.
Shocker, right? Victoria has only been noticed on the show for winning a veto because of Caleb's irrationality. Oh, I'm sorry. She also talks about how pretty she is once in a while. Hayden put it best, "Who's that? No seriously, who is that?"

11. Jocasta.
So, uh...anyone rooting for Jocasta out there? I don't want to waste words describing why Jocasta has a place here because you all already know why. She stays low every week because all she's done is gotten sick and spoke in tongues. Like actually spoke in tongues guys.

10. Caleb.
Oh,  but I thought you were the "beast-mode cowboy?" No, Caleb, all you are is  a beast-mode meathead. Your descent in this list stems from...well you know why! Amber isn't your queen, and the way your are pushing her into a corner is insane. YOU chose to volunteer yourself and then throw the veto last week. That doesn't mean she should all of a sudden become infatuated with you. Actually, it means she should be weary of you. You SNUCK UP to the HoH room to spy on her and then forced her to go on a date with you. But even with all of this, looking past all the creepiness, you have terrible gameplay. Taking that money over the veto this week proved to your kind-of allies that you care nothing about strategy. All you care about is Amber. If Cody doesn't strike first, someone will. By the way buddy, the Bomb Squad isn't a thing anymore.

9. Amber.
No one trusts you. The Detonators even formed just to exclude you and Caleb. This whole Caleb situation is just seals your fate. You'll probably last past Caleb but that isn't saying much. Make a deal or two, don't just float around and cuddle with every guy. Unfortunately it may be too late, as you seem to be put up every week. Maybe your competition streak will continue, because that's all you've got.

8. Donny.
It looks like we have our new superpawn. However, Donny is no Spencer. What may seem like a floater's game is shaping out to be something interesting. Donny understands that Cody putting him up wasn't what it looked like. There had to be others in his ear. If Donny can get to the bottom of the Detonator alliance he will have some major insight into the rest of the game, and therefore more power.

7. Hayden.
Some may call Hayden receiving a kiss from Nicole a win. Not on these rankings! Hayden falls down the totem pole this week because I now know where his head is at. He wants to flirt with Nicole and follow what she does. He fell head first into the alliance with Christine and Nicole. Other than that, Hayden has just been a lovable guy. Once the Detonators start losing people to put up on the block, Hayden might be an easy target. If he can get his head in the game and out of Nicole's bed, that's when we'll see the true Hayden.

6. Nicole.
Nicole is the cutest thing to ever step foot in the Big Brother house. Does that mean she's the biggest strategist? No. But she does has some good things going for her. She isn't on anyone's radar and has the likability factor. The guys of the house seem to have the lockdown of the game, but Nicole and Christine definitely have some leverage somewhere. Nicole does need to make some connections with these guys, though. When the war begins around jury time, Nicole will need more allies.

5. Cody.
Uh oh! Now, Cody isn't here for putting up Donny, but I will get to that. Cody butting heads with Caleb is exactly what he doesn't need right now. Without Derrick or Frankie, he might even have drawn a line in the sand WEEK 4. What many people are failing to realize is that no matter how much we as the viewers dislike Caleb, blowing up the house is only good for T.V., not Cody's game. Cody almost sought out blood because of personal reasons. Yes, Caleb may eventually go after him, but it is TOO EARLY to strike against him. He still thinks the Bomb Squad exists, so he needs to ride that out.

4. Zach.
How did you do this? I honestly don't know. Somehow, someway, you've managed to go from top tier, to bottom tier, and all the way back up again. You're a roller coaster dude. Your unpredictability is your biggest negative. Yet here you are again. The Detonators add to your power and influence in the house along with being in a basically-showmance with Frankie, the messenger of the house. I honestly won't be able to predict your placement next week, but man do I want to see some more Zach Attack.

3. Frankie.
Mr. Mole continues to work his magic. People feel comfortable telling him secrets as if he won't go tell his true alliance what is going on. Donny and maybe even Cody seem to be catching on to his charade, but Cody won't make a move and Donny doesn't have enough authority to even do so. After finding out about the passing of his grandfather, Frankie took it hard. But he picked himself right back up and stayed strong. He has the determination and momentum needed to win this game. His influence in Cody's move to put up Donny shows that. No matter how many times Frankie wins HoH, only to be dethroned, he is not made a replacement nominee. He's doing well!

2. Derrick.
So CLOSE Derrick! With everything you've done this week, the number one spot should have been yours. You had a major hand in Caleb staying off the block and avoided a potential blowup. However, Donny still holds the key to your one flaw. He sees that you may be pulling the strings around the house. Donny may not be able to do much about it, but that's still one person who may start spreading things about you. Getting back to your influence, the Detonators is a good group of people. The others in the alliance have your back a hundred percent. What made that certain occurred right at the end of the week when you threw the HoH to Frankie so he could see his grandfather. Game move or not, you'll be receiving some major props inside and outside the house.

And here she is ladies and gentlemen, the numero uno of the week,

1. Christine.
Tell me one person who would put Christine up. Now tell me one person that Christine doesn't talk game to (excluded Victoria). Christine has the perfect position in the game. She's in with the big dogs and the underdogs. She has also put herself in a place to never have to directly send someone out of the house yet still influence that decision. Her DR sessions continue to show her knowledge of the game and the people playing it. The only flaw I'm seeing with her gameplay is that when push comes to shove, she won't know which side to go with. But as long as she plans ahead, Christine is sitting pretty.

Well that's this weeks power rankings. Come back next week to read about how much I obsess over Derrick and laugh at Caleb's gameplay. Post a comment telling me why I'm wrong about everything. See ya!


Should The House Target "The Beast Mode Cowboy"?

Warring the following contains spoilers from the live feeds 

I thought Id try a different kind of post here. This is an experiment to see if you guys like this kind of thing. If you do let me know and I will do more. We all love Big Brother! The drama, the games, the strategy all creates a captivating story and leaves us wondering what will happen next. I'm sure I'm not the only one to fantasize about playing the game or at least playing out scenarios of what might happen next in the house. That is what this post is about. Think of it like those "Choose Your Own Adventure Books" from when we were kids. I want to say this is a strictly hypothetical scenario. While there is some reason to believe this could happen it is not an official plan and in fact it looks like it will not. Victoria has won the POV which means Cody has to name a replacement to go up against Brittany. I believe now is the time to backdoor “The Beast Mode Cowboy” Caleb.

Over the past few days Caleb’s jealousy and irrationality have been at an all time high. He truly believes Amber owes him and Cody is stepping on his toes. He has been moping around the house and telling everyone who will listen that Amber and Cody are throwing it in his face. He is a strong competition threat and up until now was an ally of Cody. But with his recent mindset there is no telling what he would do if he wins HOH.

Lets think about who Cody is aligned with and who his options are as a replacement. Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block therefore they can not be renominated. They would have been the best options to nominate opposite Brittany guaranteeing someone who would nominate Cody and his allies would be leaving. Derrick is Cody’s strongest ally he is not going up. Christine, Frankie, and Zack are his next strongest allies and not an option for replacement. Hayden along with Nicole are also allies probably not options. That leaves just two viable options Donny and Caleb.

Donny is well liked by everyone in the house but not exactly trusted. He's secretly aligned with Derrick and Frankie in Team America. Jocasta is a solid ally of Donny as well. If he gets nominated against Brittany he probably stays. If they decided they want Brittany gone, and it looks like that, this will be their play.

But what if they want to make another power move and get Caleb out? Here is how I would do it. First you tell him if Donny goes up Brittany stays and she will be coming after them. That means one of us has to go up. Then you build up Caleb’s ego saying he is the only one mentally strong enough to not crack under the pressure of the block. Tell him to imagine Zack or Frankie up there. There is also the added benefit out keeping Brittany quite thinking she is safe now. Tell him he will not go home over her because they have the votes. You say we had you last week we will have you again. Will he buy this? I think he might but even if he does not he can't stop you.

Why do I think this the best plan? Well you can get out two people this week.

Caleb - A huge physical threat who is an ally now but becoming more unhinged everyday.

Brittany - A paranoid loner in the house who you finally might be able to convince you have her back after saving her a second time.

Never waste an opportunity, you may not get it again, to take out a huge threat to your game. Should Caleb be backdoored? Do you like these kinds of articles? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. You can also reach me on twitter @CoryCShow Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother content you desire. And download the Big Brother Buddy App and follow us on twitter @BigBrotherBuddy for instant updates from the house


BB16 Power Rankings Week #3: Ding Dong, the Witch(?) is Dead!

A much-needed "recollection" period occurred this week as many houseguests' game-plans started to coexist. It seemed as though all the stars aligned in a perfect plan to take out the "father" of the house, and in the end it pulled through. But was this really the best situation for us viewers?

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Devin.
Devin leaving means two important things to BB16. The house just got a lot smarter, and we just lost a lot of fun. Yes, I know we all degrade Devin for having the worst social game we've seen in years. Yes, I know Devin's daughter was as much a player as he was this season. But dang, did this man make a show. Have you ever seen so much chaos in the first two weeks? Have you ever seen an EIGHT PERSON ALLIANCE? No. I hate everything Devin stands for strategically, but for that exact reason, he is perfect for TV. Many might not miss you "bro," but I sure will.

13. Victoria.
This week on Victoria-watch, Victoria decided to share a story about a bird swooping down and picking her up as a child. And that's basically it.

12. Jocasta.
The only reason Jocasta isn't in the 13th spot is because of how strongly the house hates Victoria. She was a floater at the beginning of the season, and she has officially solidified that role after one simple event. After becoming very ill, Jocasta told the DR that being on the block was no concern at all and that she now only cares about her health. Of course to the untrained ear that may sound pretty reasonable. She is sick and should definitely be concerned for her health. However, the fact that her brain completely shut off game at the drop of a hat shows true colors. Besides her friendship with Donny, Jocasta doesn't have much going for her.

Sidenote: After all Donny did for you, you end up thanking God left and right for giving the Veto to you. Donny gave you the necklace, I think he deserves some praise as well.

11. Amber.
Amber is this low for two major reasons. The first one is only a byproduct of Caleb's stupidity/creepiness. With Amber not willing to play the part of the reluctant "princess" of Caleb, he has become a frustrated and restless. This whole situation has given way too much spotlight to Amber. She may be in the right, but flirting with Cody isn't going to help her either, so she does take some responsibility. The second reason she takes this spot is for her pushiness to take down the guys. Problem: you told Christine. Christine went right to the guys and now Amber's game is wide open. Her name is in a lot of people's mouths for all the wrong reasons. 

10. Brittany.
The end of the week proved poor for Brittany. Once Devin was set to go home, the houseguests needed a new target for the following week. Personal reasons or not, Brittany has become a target to many people. Her need to make situations more emotional than they need to be shows what kind of player she is. Strategy isn't the focal point of her mind, emotions are. It may be the reason she rubs others the wrong way.

9. Caleb.
If you've seen my other rankings you know I'm not too hot on Caleb but understand his power in the game. Well, this time Caleb's power isn't there anymore and I'm glad to say he takes the 9th spot. I've already discussed the stalker-ish nature he holds over Amber. It's gone too far. He wants things she can't give him and he won't take no for an answer. Now it's destroying his game as Cody sees the glares and tension. Sorry Caleb, but "beast mode" doesn't refer to your gameplay. It refers to your personality. 

8. Donny
Donny has been getting a little heat lately. I can see the glimmer of strategy he offers in the DR, but he has a hard time effectively executing it. His awkward approach to the Team America move didn't fully represent itself on the show, but Nicole and some others started to believe he was America's Player until Frankie shut it down. Still, Donny is out there as a target. He's winning challenges and people notice that. Although there isn't a facade, more and more houseguests think Donny is a hardcore player unlike how he is showing himself to be. Donny needs to step up his game and use his likability to gain more trust. 

7. Zach.
Zach attack has climbed back up the ladder, but not too much. How he went from explosive and erratic to calm and collected I don't know, but Zach isn't a common name to be thrown out there as a target anymore. I do have a sharp criticism in that regard, however. He escaped being a target and good on him. When Team America chose to make Zach the subject of their controversial task I thought it could be the downfall of his game. But it got dissuaded pretty easily. Until one fateful hour. Zach began to neither confirm or deny that he is Amanda's cousin to certain people. Why? You want to stir up some fun? Well that fun could result in some discussions about you and possibly the block. You never want your name pushed around.

6. Hayden.
Hayden isn't a target for anyone. He's been playing the likability factor with the women and hasn't been the forefront of any negative gameplay. I see Hayden riding it out at least until jury. There seems to be bigger fish to fry. Plus, Hayden has power in terms of influence on the guys. His friendships hold some weight. The only downside this week for Hayden has been his frequent attempts for romance with Nicole!

5. Nicole.
Speaking of Nicole, that frog costume? That wasn't a punishment. That was a cuteness alert. But, uh, back to the strategy. Nicole still stays pretty high on the list for her gravity in the house. Christine should stay her number one ally as she isn't a target either and gets a lot of information from a lot of people. She's also doing a great job with Hayden as he attempts to flirt like a middle-schooler. Definitely isn't Amber. What makes Nicole the number five seat and not any higher is her sass. Yes, I said sass, She has a little spunk in her that I saw when she nominated Donny and almost called out Devin mid-week. But as long as her emotions stay under control the weeks to come, I think we have at least a jury member here.

4. Frankie.
Frankie slowly slips down the rankings for efforts done by others. His name is now out there with some of the less-powerful players so it isn't much to freak out about, but you never know who could win HoH or veto. Frankie does has something important brewing though that I'd like to call attention to. Christine and Nicole seem to be his new focus. The two girls latched on to Hayden because of his physical strength for competition and his love of Nicole. Now they have a likability of Frankie but for purely game reasons. They like where his head is that. This is what Frankie needs in the later weeks as the former-Bomb Squad member begin to turn on each other. If he falls back into the shadows he once had in week one, he'll be golden.

3. Cody.
I know, right?! Cody's first week would have made me believe he would never be in the top three. Yet here he is, proving me wrong once again. I have three major bullet points for Cody's recent ascension in my power rankings. First, his loyalties. Each person in the house believes Cody to be loyal to them in one form or another. Cody has become the "best friend" of the house with his charm. Second, his true alliances. The solid alliances that Cody has chosen are those with actual players that want to keep him around for a long time. Derrick, Zach, Frankie, and occasionally Hayden all back him up even when he isn't around. Finally, his abs. Yes, his abs. Flirtation can get you far in this game if you can spin it correctly. Cody definitely has the flirting down but has caught the attention of Caleb. His response to this is probably what made me put him up this high. Cody didn't try to take action against a jealous Caleb, he took precautions to what Caleb might do if his stupidity continued. Perfect job planting that seed to Derrick. Just don't actually fall for any of these girls.

2. Derrick.
My MAN!! 2nd and not 1st? What's up! Derrick falls down out of the top spot for one major reason: he won HoH. Now that doesn't mean getting HoH was a bad situation for Derrick. He actually escaped unharmed and without any mad players coming after him (sending Devin home gets him bonus points from others). The only issue is that Derrick is under the radar anymore. Donny even said that he may be the ringleader of the house. Hopefully no one else realizes that any time soon. Still, Derrick continues to impress. Team America's task was completed heavily because of his part and how he smoothly told Zach about the situation so he would confront people. I still see shades of Dan in his DR's and and will continue to love seeing him play.

And finally, without further adieu, this week's new Number 1 spot goes to....

1. Christine.
There may be some controversy with this pick, but hear me out. Christine can, yes, be a little too giddy sometimes. She can also be a little too agreeing with everything everyone says. But a common denominator resides between every conversation she has in the house: a knowledge of the game. Christine knows Big Brother, and a decent amount of people in the house don't that well. She's using this to her advantage. The big dogs, mainly the guys, have been power-hungry these first weeks. Cody, Hayden, Zach, and Caleb all seek HoH very openly. Christine wants none of that, which is perfect. Why gain a power role this early when you aren't in danger? Christine's superfan status continues to make itself apparent.

That's it for this week's garble and whatnot. Make sure to come back next week for the same crap just in a different order. Leave a comment if you disagree and want my head for it! See ya!


Big Brother Alliances: The Detonators Blowing Up the Squad

Warning the following contains spoilers from the live feeds.

Hey Big Brother Buddy I am back with a jam packed alliance update. I feel that I owe you that due to the long absence. But I’ll spare you the chit chat lets get right into it.

Team America - Derrick, Donny, and Frankie
Forced together with the potential to win cold hard cash. This trio has five thousand reasons to stick together. Derrick and Frankie are the two house guests with big secrets and even hinted at that to each other. I’m fairly certain they have succeeded in their first mission by convincing the house that Zack is BB 15 house guest Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. They even have Zack going around jokingly saying its true. As far as game though they are keeping distance as to not draw suspicion. But that hasn't stopped other house guests from thinking Donny might be some sort of America’s Player.

The Bomb Squad - Amber, Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Hayden and Zack
How could we not mention this season's craziest alliance. Devin exposed the BS so everyone knows about it but are uncertain about how real it actually was (or still is). Everyone, mainly Derrick and Christine, did a great job to deflect and give the appearance that it wasn't that real. There is very little loyalty left among the group except for the smaller alliances that formed it.

The Detonators - Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Zack  
This five-some has been together for awhile but official sealed the deal with a name just last night.

Los Tres Amigos - “Papa Bear” Derrick, “Rico” Cody, and “Landmine” Zack  
Formerly know as Jump Street (a much better name but BB told them its copyrighted). This the second spanish themed name of the season ( lol El Cautro). These three are a tight group but Derrick and Cody know that Zack is a well a “Landmine”. They have Hayden hooked as an ally too. 

The "Insert Wicked Cool Alliance Name Here" Alliance - Derrick and Cody
They have an alliance going but have yet to name it. They want an awesome name but can't seem to settle one. This could become the most powerful alliance depending mainly on how Derrick decides to play it. Update: As of 6:25 am BBT they are The Hitmen

Zankie - Zank and Frankie
We all want these two to just live happily ever after. That storybook ending seems shaky as of late. I think they will try and protect each other but if it comes down to it they will let the other walk.

Cambler/ Beauty and The Beast Mode Cowboy - Caleb and Amber
Caleb is so dedicated and blinded by “love” that he literally volunteered to be nominated for her. Amber could not care less.

Nicotine/Haycol - Christine, Nicole, and Hayden
Nicole and Christine are BFFs. Nicole is doing her little flirt-mance with Hayden. And all three have a working relationship. There are cracks between Nicole and Christine game wise though.

Feedsters Alliance - Derrick and Nicole
Formed during their time shared as HOHs. Just a working relationships not much more

Derroria - Derrick and Victoria
This is really just for Derrick to keep Victoria close and gather what little information she has.

The Bible and The Beard - Jocasta and Donny
Not really official but they are friends. Wednesdays Veto episode will bring some tears to your eyes guaranteed.(Well at least me) Donny after winning Veto brought the veto to the sick Jocasta granting her safety for the week.
Brittney - She can’t seem to trust anyone long enough to finish a conversation, let alone form an alliance.

Devin and his daughter - Did you know he has a daughter? (never gets old)

What do you think is the strongest alliance? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. You can also reach me on twitter @CoryCShow Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother content you desire. And download the Big Brother Buddy App and follow us on twitter @BigBrotherBuddy for instant updates from the house. Also special credit to reddit user Noslodecoy for the awesome Team America picture.


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BB16 Power Rankings Week #2: Devin Can't Play Edition

Yes, this week just happened. We've been blessed with a glorious cast this year, and the power seems to shift every day. Seriously, every day. Team America assembled, Zach blew up his and the Bomb Squad’s game, and Devin forgot what game is was playing. 

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Paola.
Dj Powpow has left the building. Thank god. Your head wasn’t in the game until you realized you may actually be leaving. Sorry Pow, too little too late. However, bonding with Donny was very sweet to see on the show and the feeds. Where you went wrong was with your reputation. Being associated as a challenge-flop in other seasons may be good for a floater game. The Battle of the Block changed that, as you want the best challenge competitor to be beside you. Anyone being put up with Paola had a high percentage of losing that competition. To make matters worse, she associated herself too much with Devin and then blew up BIG TIME.

Paola leaving demonstrates why drooling over boys isn’t an effective strategy in the Big Brother house.

14. Devin.
I know, shocker. Where do I even begin with you Devin? I could rant about how confused you are with how Big Brother even works. I could rant about your constant change of pace with who you trust. I could rant about how you contradict your “stay loyal and truthful” mentality with putting up Zach. But any right-minded fan of the show already knows how you got your place here on my list. He’s a mob boss with a serious case of bipolar gameplay. “Pow I’ll use the veto on you. Wait, Brittany is nice now in my eyes. Wait Zach doesn’t agree with my opinions I hate him. I hate everyone now. HEY EVERYONE THE BOMB SQUAD IS A THING.”

I’d be more than happy to jump on the Devin-hate-bandwagon, but I think we all have heard enough about him. Not to mention the important and precise detail that he has a daughter has been burned into my memory every waking second. So instead, I will try to sum up Devin’s gameplay in two simple words:

Irrational, bro.

13. Jocasta.
The most interesting thing about Jocasta is that she is probably the safest person in the house and yet has no power. Everyone seems to like whom she is and doesn't give her a second thought. She is a Class A case of being a floater: not picking sides and barely talking game. Whether I like her strategy or not, the Queen of Bowties will be here for a while.

12. Victoria.
If you don’t have the live feeds, you might barely know Victoria at this point. She hasn't been a major part of game-talk or made any solid alliances. She’s mainly just concerned with her appearance, it seems. Not much to say here.

11. Amber.
Guilty by association. Amber has been shown a lot more recently on the show, but not for the right reasons. Any time another houseguest asks her a question, she answers indifferently in order to not pick sides or disagree with anyone. And people are catching on. Although Amber wants to avoid working with Devin, she has been in the room of every strong-armed move he makes. Hayden and Nicole have begun to spread that she is untrustworthy and many agree. If Amber wants to reaffirm herself with people’s trust, she can’t act so wishy-washy in front of them.

10. Zach.
Why did you do this to yourself? You weren't a target and had the protection of half the house. I understand Devin’s antics got on your nerves and you needed to speak your mind, but come on! You straight up TOLD him to put you up if he didn't trust you anymore. Have you met Devin? Of course he’ll do that. So now you've escaped eviction because of the impressive damage control done by Derrick. Now what? Some people still have your back, but everyone knows you’re a loose cannon now. I hate to see you down here, but you indulged your erratic side way too much. Hopefully you can fight your way back up the totem pole, but your veto speech was just waaay too much and blew up your allies’ games.

9. Caleb.
This week Caleb decided to do two things. Fight with Devin and stalk Amber. Caleb thinks he will win every competition and therefore plans ahead based on it. Which isn’t the smartest thing to do. I find the most cringe worthy part of his strategy to be telling others that he is making deals around the house. At this point he has a protection agreement with what seems to be everyone besides Donny.  So good luck picking a target. Maybe Caleb will come out of his Big Brother cocoon a beautiful and strategic butterfly. And maybe I’ll grow a second head.

8. Brittany.
She took on Devin and came out on top. Now she strives to take him down with the rest of the house. Although I fully endorse the direction she is moving in, Brittany still is mid-tier. Her influence in the house seems to be overpowered by some of the bigger players, but she's making the climb. The girls seem to like her the most, so maybe the former Bomb Squad has some competition?

7. Hayden.
I am loving Hayden more and more. He is highly loved in the house, even with Devin. Aligning with Christine and Nicole is perfect for his game, as those are the ones making the least amount of waves. The reason Hayden isn't higher up is because he insists on trying to win every challenge to show he's a challenge threat. Take some more advice from the those two girls Hayden: there's a war at hand, and you want no part in it!

6. Donny.
Team America is the best thing that could have ever happened to Donny. The two other members are the best houseguests to work with him as their personalities match. With Powpow out of the house, Donny was just the lovable guy with no alliance. But now AMERICA has gotten him one. Donny will now have more information about the house without having to stop laying low. Just start remembering the other houseguests names and you'll be on your way!

5. Cody.
Cody wasn't shown too much on the show this week, but he was definitely playing. He seems to have gotten his head in the game and chosen the right allies. Derrick and Frankie have his back and he has theirs. The girls love his charm and the other boys are too busy fighting to care about him. Cody is slipping through the cracks efficiently. Keep proving my first impressions wrong (and don't focus on cute girls)!

4. Nicole.
You and Christine have it in the bag if you don't play your cards too soon. Winning HoH could be beneficial or detrimental to your game, I just hope you know how to spin in your way. You're playing the same as week one and not going on too strong out of the gate. Perfect.

3. Frankie.
Frankie drops down a spot this week thanks to a Zach blow up. More people are conscious to his gameplay now, like Brittany. Playing Andy's sort of game is hard: knowing everything that goes on in the house gets tiresome and hard to keep track of. Luckily, the new HoHs have his back for the most part and Devin is the bigger threat. Team America is great for you, as Derrick already trusts you and Donny likes your personality. Fall back into the shadows behind this whole Devin vs. Zach war and you have a great game ahead of you. 

2. Christine.
Ladies and gentlemen, the dark horse has arrived! Clearly the stand-out player of the "Weirdo" alliance, Christine is here to play. NO ONE has her in her sights, and yet she knows where everyone's heads are at. You can see she is manipulative in her conversations with some of the former Bomb Squad members, but only when she chooses to. She knows some people like Frankie will catch on to it otherwise. Christine may have a high spot on these rankings for a long time...

And whether you saw this coming or not, the all-star player and all-round B.A. of this week's power rankings is...

1. Derrick.
Flashback to the aftermath of the veto ceremony. The next four hours of gameplay were dominated by this man. Without Derrick's help, Zach would be history. The damage control he is capable of is unprecedented. Team America give him a core alliance which he needs. Lying to everyone in the house will be bad if he doesn't have anyone to fall back to. Honestly, with the three of them together, they can take the game by storm outside of just the simple America challenges. Derrick used the support of how "America chose us to be together" and therefore it's who they should stick with. And really, it's true.

That's it for this week's power rankings! Disagree with something I had to say or want to congradulate me on how spot on I am? Leave a comment! Come back next Thursday for more rambling and nonsense. See ya!


4th of July Devin and Caleb Fight: Bombs (Squad) Bursting in Air!

Flashback Time: 3:06 AM BBT on cameras 1 & 2

Wow 4th of July brought fireworks to the Big Brother house. Turns out it might have been the explosion of The Bomb Squad! Devin and Caleb had an argument in the backyard while discussing Brittney being the target and the girls feeling scared to talk to Devin.

First lets set some things up for you. Devin as HOH nominated Brittney and Pow Pow with Brittney being his target. Going into this week there was already talk within The Bomb Squad from the final 5 deal group (Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, & Zack) of possibly backdooring Devin. The generally feel in the house is hes a “loose cannon” and needs to go soon. All day on the Friday the 4th of July Derrick seemed to be working Caleb into confronting Devin about the “house” not wanting Brittney evicted this week and how the girls don't like the way he talks to them. The final convincing conversation seemed to happen in the hour leading up to the fight. Amber, Derrick, & Christine were talking to Caleb about saving Brittney. Around 2-3 AM BBT on cameras 1&2 (its a long conversation)

Finally Caleb, Derrick, Devin and Frankie are all around the pool table when Caleb decades to bring it up. Caleb tells Devin people feel he put Brittney up for personal reasons and more people seem to want Pow Pow gone. Devin says it was personal and he doesn't care what the “house” says, he wants what’s best for the alliance. He calls it stupid saying Pow Pow is no threat. Devin then says the only reason your are bring this up is “cause you're over there talking to Amber bro”. (BOOM!!!)

They go back and forth about it being personal or game for a bit until Devin wants to “poll the alliance”. He asks Frankie and Derrick both agree Brittney is the bigger threat. Caleb acknowledged that but says its not the whole story. Caleb says he knows shes a bigger target but there are alliance members who don't feel the same way and its chaos. When Devin asked who Caleb says “Who do you think? The people you brought in” (BOOM!!!)

Devin says he just talked to Christine and she doesn't feel that way. “Its Amber” Devin says “ “You’re getting love stuck” (BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!). Caleb says Devin is just blowing things out of proportion like always. Devin says he has been there for Caleb through everything and always had his back and can’t believe he's talking to him this was. Caleb doesn't deny that and didn't say he wasn't there for him. Devin then says “why are you talking to me this way its Amber”. (BOOM)

There is more talk about Amber and Christine not wanting to vote Brittney out. Devin said Christine didn't say that to him. Caleb tells Devin it is because they are scared to talk to him. This eventually leads to Devin calling Christine to the backyard. He asks her if she was scared to talk to him and if she didn't want Brittney up. She said no but she gets nervous anytime someone wants to talk and as for Britney she is still feeling it out. Devin says if she doesn't want her gone all she have to do is say it and we can talk about it. Devin wants her gone because she will put them up and make the biggest game moves. Caleb said I thought it was personal now its game. Devin said fine its 50/50. Devin asks Christine if it was true she didn't even want Brittney up to which she replied “I don’t care about Britney at all”. Devin says thank you all I wanted to know and walks inside the house.

Derrick and Caleb reassure Christine she did nothing wrong. Hayden and Jocasta came out to do laundry. Christine says she's sorry and didn't want throw Caleb under the bus but Devin is intimidating. Christine tells them she appreciates them saying something to him though. Devin comes back out pulling Caleb aside. He says Caleb is losing it and he doesn't talk to the girls that way. Caleb tells him its “not what the house is saying”. Devin snaps back with “There’s no more Alliance! Its done the whole thing is done!” (BOOM BOOM BOOOOM!!!).

That was pretty much it some aftermath included talking about what happened and damage control by Frankie. This seems like the end of The Bomb Squad or at least Devin. The next few days will be very interesting. What do you think of this situation? Is Devin done for? Did Caleb earn some respect from you? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. You can also reach me on twitter @CoryCShow Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother content you desire. And download the Big Brother Buddy App and follow us on twitter @BigBrotherBuddy for instant updates from the house.

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