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Week 1 in Review with Rankings

Week 1 in Review with Rankings

hey guys and welcome to the Big Brother buddyWeek in Review + rankings.first of all I would like to say I am copying a former blogger on this website please do not be offended by this as he did put up rankings last year.

first of all we should go over what happened Wednesday and Thursday on Big Brother. We began with a look at the major alliance of James, Jason, Da'Vonne, Clay, Meg, and Audry talking over this weeks agenda of Jace. In a DR interview afterwards Da' Vonne admited the alliance wouldnt work with so many people and that eventually it could hurt her game.

In the backyard, that afternoon, everyone was relaxing, exercising, and enjoying their time when Jace came streaking through. Everyone was really annoyed, and Austin had a talk woth him afterwards, telling him how they felt(though it looked like Jace didnt want to hear it).

Thinking smart, Austin suggested talking with the HOH, but instead Jace walked in and began begging Audrey and James for an alliance. In a brilliant cover-up Audrey bluffed, saying they. Could go after the other HOH.

Meanwhile downstairs, Da was counting everything she could because there always is a counting comp eventually. As she passed Clay and Shelli to go into another bedroom, Shelli told Jeff(who had noticed Da as well) to pretend to go after someting so he could watch her. The bad news: Da heard her. She told them to next time ask her, not send aomeone to spy before storming off.

Clay said he would attempt damage control, but instead made matters worse by acting like it didnt happen the way Da'Vonne claimed, making her look like the bad guy to her alliance.

Afterwards Clay talked with Jeff about her, and then Clay went and talked to Audrey on Das anger... And Da'Vonne knew... how she did i have no FREAKIN clue... shes good.

Next up: the POV comp NOSASCOCIA
Players ran through a small obstacle to dig through giant noses for letters with points from 1-3 to make the word with the most points. They had tenminutes to make it and it is notable to say that EVERYONE SPELLED CORRECTLY!!!!!!!
They were:
James- lifeguards 8 pts
Becky- closest 7 pts
Jason- zones 6 pts
Jackie- judge 6 pts
Steve- trombonists 12 pts
John- boogers 7 pts

This left Steve with the gold POV necklace, so congrats to Steve on his first comp win.

That night, Audrey took charge, pulling a new alliance out of her hat. Theey didnt agree with her methods however, and here is the new alliance: Audrey, James, Jason, Jeff, Shelli, Meg, and Clay. An alliance to be reconed with if it really comes into power.

I did not watch all of Thursdays but ill try now..... STUFF WENT DOWN. but seriously. Yesterday was nothing but a mad scramble for votes by Jace, which actually lost more than ot gained. In the end (with audrey changing things up again by voting Jackie) Jace was sent packing by a landslide 13-1 vote, makin him the first evicted HG of BB 17. Afterwards Two new HOHs were crowned. Shelli and Becky congratulations girls.

Now for the rankings, these are my own personal feelings on the HGs so far, so please no complaining.

16- Jace
Jace acted to immature for the other houseguests, however after finding this out he did nothing to tone it down. His attitude, and the fact of his obnoxious im not done yet bit, have earned him number 16.

15- John
An incredibly annoying person all around and a literal puppet, John will do or say whatever he is told by anyone... His gameplay has sucked so far, and if he doesnt change soon i predict his eviction will be coming soon.

14- Meg
Victoria would be so proud... here she is, Meg. though joining a big alliance Meg is a background player and, like John, a puppet. i think she will stay long enough for jury, but after that it is unknown.

13- Jackie
As a player Jackie is fairly strong in comps, but her social game consists of being a pawn for James, and holding on to Jeffs hand every step of the way, relying way to much on others to take her further.

12- Steve
One word- DWEEB. Though winning POV Steve is just too dang scared of EVERYTHING. He cant go into an alliance because he would blow every plan... He cant play alone or hell be singled out for eviction.... He is simply an unwilling pawn in this game.

Though his good looks get him the ladies, the comps dont bend. Clays most notable act so far has been ticking Mama Da off to no end.

10- Vanessa
Though smart at poker vanessa has done... nothing in the house besides saving Austin from any possibility of ellimination this week.

Shelli is an expert manipulater, but depends on others too much. If she wins a few comps though, this blonde bombshell might just have what it takes to take home the win.

8- Liz/Julia
In case u didnt know here are your twins america. Julia and Liz have a slight voice difference, but other than that nothing is easily telling. Because of their ability to swap so easily these ladies get to number 8.

I know, why Austin? Well, even though he was obviously in an alliance with Jace, Austin has no blood on his hands, nor a target on his back, suprisingly. Because of this i think Austin deserves 7th for flying under the radar.

Smart and decisive, Jason is one of the few people i think can win this competition. If he wanted, he could make his own alliance from ANYONE right now and it would work just becausehe was there. Howevere, he needs his alliance, which is his greatest weakness. He is obviously a threat, and i believe he could be blindsided if he isnt to careful.

5- Da'Vonne
Mama Da sees all. Mama Da knows all. No matter what anyone does Da knows, and knows how to use it. She is an excellent people reader, but too easily angered. A fight in week one? Seriously? because of this im giving her 5th rather than first.

A manipulater better than Shelli, smarter than Jason, better at comps than boys like Clay and Austin. Audrey is the whole package, but she is letting her power get to her head. If she isnt careful she could be gone soon, but for now i think Au is safe. I predict either jury or final 3, but the win, nah... sorry girl.

3- Jeff
Jeff for number 3? I must be joking right? No. Jeff has spent this last week making the target on his back as small as possible, and so far has done so perfectly. Also he has helped along Jackie, and is part of the major alliance in the house. Earning him number 3 on my list.

2- James
Few people have been HOH and made a big movevon week 1, and still have no blood on their hands, yet James has none. He has been a great HOH and i think a mixture of Derrick and Donny from season 16. For this reason he gets number 2.

BECKY? WHY BECKY? Well here goes. Becky has gone from an underdog, to a pawn, to winning BOB and HOH. Becky is the one person in this house that i really think can take on the major alliance if she wants. She has already said she is gunning for Jason as he put her on the block, so has she changed her mind, or is she still going for one of the most powerful players in the house

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