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Big Brother 17: Episode 1 Recap

Big Brother 17: Episode 1 Recap

Well hi everyone and welcome to Big Brother 17!.

Lets get right to it. Big Brother kicked off season 17 with a bang as the first eight HGs were let into the house. James surprised everyone a little when he got lost right from the start, unable to find the bedrooms.

Everyone got situated, finally, and with a round of champane(hop i spelled that right) began to describe themselves. Audrey told the others of her transgender struggle getting both sympathy and encouragement from her fellow HGs.

Da'Vonne lied saying she was a 2nd grade schoolteacher rather than a poker dealer.

Clay also hid his football playing in the dark.

Meg talked bubbily about her life in New York, while

James explained being an Asian man with a southern accent.

Austin didnt hide his past as a pro wrestler., and

Jace made a shoutout to the "penny cab driver"  Hayden.

Whatever Shelly said was lost on me because of her constant obsessing over Clay.

While the boys.talked work, the girls were making a three person alliance between Shelli, Da'Vonne, and Audry.

Shelli and Clay admitted to being attraction during diary room sessions making a showmance possibility become very likely in the next few months.

After relaxing for a while they were called to their first HOH challenge, though one would have to sit out for an unspecified reason.

Austin was going to volunteer but Da'Vonne spoke up first, deciding it might be a strategic move to wait.

The HOH comp was simple: stand on a small board(which moved up, down, in and out of the wall behind them, while catching tomatoes. The first person to get ten tomatoes(or last to be standing on a board) would be the new HoH.

At first everyone was doing ok when.... Meg, Clay, and Austin all fell quickly, Austin destroying several parts of his station accidentally, while Jace barely saved himself, hanging onto a small box they were t. put their tomatoes in.

Then all of a sudden Audrey, James, Jace, and Shelli all fell at once, forcing a last to touch the ground rule into play. James bately won, becoming the first HOH of BB 17.

Once inside Julie called them to the living room where she told them that the Battle of the Block would return, along with BB Takeover, where a new twist will be introduced each week.

We left the houseguests contemplating what the twists would mean for their games. I think they already forgot the motto. "Expect the unexpected. Well see tonight, so GL houseguests, your gonna need it.

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