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Big Brother 17 epidode 3 recap

Big Brother 17 epidode 3 recap

hello everyone and welcome to the Big Brother season 17 episode 3 recap. sunday was the first day that we actually saw the intro to Big Brother 17 and it followed along with season 16 only with the new houseguests.

the episode began with the house guests guessing on what Phils message to Da'Vonne and Vanessa meant.

As the houseguests cleaned off from their comp. Jace and Austin had fun making up a "Bro Code" and Jaces loudmouth manner caught the attention of several houseguests. They continued talking as everyone went to see the HOH rooms.

A few notables about the HOH room were the glass floor which looked like open sky, fish INSIDE of a table, and slippers for both HOHs.

While in the bathroom(trying out the bathtub) Jace began saying to get the girls "in here" causing several eye rolls and Austin to question any future alliance.

Once alone James and Jason openly conversed on strategy, talking about what they knew about each houseguests. First they considered John and Steve for targetting, but decided Jaces social game would make him the perfect target(also because he did well in comps.

Next thing they knew a BB Takeover began. Phil said then that Da'Vonne and Vannessa would receive a BB Fast Forward. This would remove them from ANY possibility of nominations. However they would have to bring one person EACH with them.

Vanessa and Da'Vonne began interbiew style Q and A to determine who they should take.

Da'Vonne told Shelli and Audrey she couldnt take them and throw suspicion on herself(upsetting Shelli.) She finally decided on Liz.

Vanessa said she was looking for some return on this and so chose Austin, as his social game could be an asset.

Afterwards, Shelli and Clay spent time together in the Hammock room discussng their pasts, both steering away from the game in their conversation.

Da'Vonne saw them and she and Audry decided to keep her on thevoutside from now on. They then went to the HOHs to talk about targetting Jace and Austin, both HOHs agreeing on trying to backdoor Jace with the majority of the house.

the HOHs decided to search for pawns for their nominations(going instead to put up Jace after the Veto if possible.)

Their nominations were:
Jason- John and Becky(in the dark)
James- Steve(unwilling) and Jackie

After the nominations Jace began bragging in a DR session on how he knew he wouldnt be picked, while Audry and Da'Vonne celebrated stage ones completion of their plan.

In the BOB challenge the competitors appeared to be construction workers on beams. The goal was to carry blocks across the narrow beams and create a skyscraper on the other side. If they dropped a block or fell, it was back to the beginning.

Becky showed amazing balance right from the beginning, while everyone else fell on their first trip over(to which Jace said the workers comp bill would be huge).

Seve began crawling on his side, pushing his pieces in front of himself, bringing Meg to make the comparison with a mouse with cheese.

It was a neck and neck battle but in the end Becky placed the last piece, saving her and John from the block and dethroning Jason(who was doused in cement slime). She then regretted, though, showing her hand to early and wondered if that would change her game.

We left the houseguests congratulating Becky and John on their win, and James on his reigning HOH. However will someone win the power of veto and use it, ending Jaces game? We will find out this Wednesday. Expect the unexpected everyone. Good Night.

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