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BB16 Power Rankings Week #2: Devin Can't Play Edition

BB16 Power Rankings Week #2: Devin Can't Play Edition

Yes, this week just happened. We've been blessed with a glorious cast this year, and the power seems to shift every day. Seriously, every day. Team America assembled, Zach blew up his and the Bomb Squad’s game, and Devin forgot what game is was playing. 

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

Not-so Honorable Mention: Paola.
Dj Powpow has left the building. Thank god. Your head wasn’t in the game until you realized you may actually be leaving. Sorry Pow, too little too late. However, bonding with Donny was very sweet to see on the show and the feeds. Where you went wrong was with your reputation. Being associated as a challenge-flop in other seasons may be good for a floater game. The Battle of the Block changed that, as you want the best challenge competitor to be beside you. Anyone being put up with Paola had a high percentage of losing that competition. To make matters worse, she associated herself too much with Devin and then blew up BIG TIME.

Paola leaving demonstrates why drooling over boys isn’t an effective strategy in the Big Brother house.

14. Devin.
I know, shocker. Where do I even begin with you Devin? I could rant about how confused you are with how Big Brother even works. I could rant about your constant change of pace with who you trust. I could rant about how you contradict your “stay loyal and truthful” mentality with putting up Zach. But any right-minded fan of the show already knows how you got your place here on my list. He’s a mob boss with a serious case of bipolar gameplay. “Pow I’ll use the veto on you. Wait, Brittany is nice now in my eyes. Wait Zach doesn’t agree with my opinions I hate him. I hate everyone now. HEY EVERYONE THE BOMB SQUAD IS A THING.”

I’d be more than happy to jump on the Devin-hate-bandwagon, but I think we all have heard enough about him. Not to mention the important and precise detail that he has a daughter has been burned into my memory every waking second. So instead, I will try to sum up Devin’s gameplay in two simple words:

Irrational, bro.

13. Jocasta.
The most interesting thing about Jocasta is that she is probably the safest person in the house and yet has no power. Everyone seems to like whom she is and doesn't give her a second thought. She is a Class A case of being a floater: not picking sides and barely talking game. Whether I like her strategy or not, the Queen of Bowties will be here for a while.

12. Victoria.
If you don’t have the live feeds, you might barely know Victoria at this point. She hasn't been a major part of game-talk or made any solid alliances. She’s mainly just concerned with her appearance, it seems. Not much to say here.

11. Amber.
Guilty by association. Amber has been shown a lot more recently on the show, but not for the right reasons. Any time another houseguest asks her a question, she answers indifferently in order to not pick sides or disagree with anyone. And people are catching on. Although Amber wants to avoid working with Devin, she has been in the room of every strong-armed move he makes. Hayden and Nicole have begun to spread that she is untrustworthy and many agree. If Amber wants to reaffirm herself with people’s trust, she can’t act so wishy-washy in front of them.

10. Zach.
Why did you do this to yourself? You weren't a target and had the protection of half the house. I understand Devin’s antics got on your nerves and you needed to speak your mind, but come on! You straight up TOLD him to put you up if he didn't trust you anymore. Have you met Devin? Of course he’ll do that. So now you've escaped eviction because of the impressive damage control done by Derrick. Now what? Some people still have your back, but everyone knows you’re a loose cannon now. I hate to see you down here, but you indulged your erratic side way too much. Hopefully you can fight your way back up the totem pole, but your veto speech was just waaay too much and blew up your allies’ games.

9. Caleb.
This week Caleb decided to do two things. Fight with Devin and stalk Amber. Caleb thinks he will win every competition and therefore plans ahead based on it. Which isn’t the smartest thing to do. I find the most cringe worthy part of his strategy to be telling others that he is making deals around the house. At this point he has a protection agreement with what seems to be everyone besides Donny.  So good luck picking a target. Maybe Caleb will come out of his Big Brother cocoon a beautiful and strategic butterfly. And maybe I’ll grow a second head.

8. Brittany.
She took on Devin and came out on top. Now she strives to take him down with the rest of the house. Although I fully endorse the direction she is moving in, Brittany still is mid-tier. Her influence in the house seems to be overpowered by some of the bigger players, but she's making the climb. The girls seem to like her the most, so maybe the former Bomb Squad has some competition?

7. Hayden.
I am loving Hayden more and more. He is highly loved in the house, even with Devin. Aligning with Christine and Nicole is perfect for his game, as those are the ones making the least amount of waves. The reason Hayden isn't higher up is because he insists on trying to win every challenge to show he's a challenge threat. Take some more advice from the those two girls Hayden: there's a war at hand, and you want no part in it!

6. Donny.
Team America is the best thing that could have ever happened to Donny. The two other members are the best houseguests to work with him as their personalities match. With Powpow out of the house, Donny was just the lovable guy with no alliance. But now AMERICA has gotten him one. Donny will now have more information about the house without having to stop laying low. Just start remembering the other houseguests names and you'll be on your way!

5. Cody.
Cody wasn't shown too much on the show this week, but he was definitely playing. He seems to have gotten his head in the game and chosen the right allies. Derrick and Frankie have his back and he has theirs. The girls love his charm and the other boys are too busy fighting to care about him. Cody is slipping through the cracks efficiently. Keep proving my first impressions wrong (and don't focus on cute girls)!

4. Nicole.
You and Christine have it in the bag if you don't play your cards too soon. Winning HoH could be beneficial or detrimental to your game, I just hope you know how to spin in your way. You're playing the same as week one and not going on too strong out of the gate. Perfect.

3. Frankie.
Frankie drops down a spot this week thanks to a Zach blow up. More people are conscious to his gameplay now, like Brittany. Playing Andy's sort of game is hard: knowing everything that goes on in the house gets tiresome and hard to keep track of. Luckily, the new HoHs have his back for the most part and Devin is the bigger threat. Team America is great for you, as Derrick already trusts you and Donny likes your personality. Fall back into the shadows behind this whole Devin vs. Zach war and you have a great game ahead of you. 

2. Christine.
Ladies and gentlemen, the dark horse has arrived! Clearly the stand-out player of the "Weirdo" alliance, Christine is here to play. NO ONE has her in her sights, and yet she knows where everyone's heads are at. You can see she is manipulative in her conversations with some of the former Bomb Squad members, but only when she chooses to. She knows some people like Frankie will catch on to it otherwise. Christine may have a high spot on these rankings for a long time...

And whether you saw this coming or not, the all-star player and all-round B.A. of this week's power rankings is...

1. Derrick.
Flashback to the aftermath of the veto ceremony. The next four hours of gameplay were dominated by this man. Without Derrick's help, Zach would be history. The damage control he is capable of is unprecedented. Team America give him a core alliance which he needs. Lying to everyone in the house will be bad if he doesn't have anyone to fall back to. Honestly, with the three of them together, they can take the game by storm outside of just the simple America challenges. Derrick used the support of how "America chose us to be together" and therefore it's who they should stick with. And really, it's true.

That's it for this week's power rankings! Disagree with something I had to say or want to congradulate me on how spot on I am? Leave a comment! Come back next Thursday for more rambling and nonsense. See ya!

  1. I have to disagree with Frankie's position. I believe some know what he is up to, even with Team America protection. Other than that, perfect.

  2. I dont like the integrity of the groom the way that don't think they put a good group of people together in season its not fun always the same just because done much better messed up this time

  3. #teamnicole #teamchristine #teamcody

  4. Go boy. Your determinations are right-on. You must be a master strategist. Derrickbdoes have those mad skills. This season is super cool.


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