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Big Brother 16 Power Rankings: Week #1

Big Brother 16 Power Rankings: Week #1

The first week of Big Brother 16 has been a roller-coaster of emotions, countless alliances, and creepy, stalker-ish Caleb. But if we put each house guest up in a lineup, who had the most power? 

CRITERIA: These rankings are made based upon STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY and how well an individual is perceived throughout the house, NOT HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM. A veto winner may be lower than someone still on the block because of how well they are playing the game as a whole. WARNING: OPINIONS INCOMING.

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16. Devin.
"Did you know I had a daughter?" Yes, and it won't help you in this game. Devin is a guy who would be fun and lovable outside of the game, but has played too hard too soon inside it. In his CBS interviews he explicitly stated that he would try to winwinwin his way to the end, never throwing a challenge. Hey pal, a giant, muscular, ex-baseball player, brick wall who competes like The Rock in challenges is a little intimidating. And all the other house-guests already know it. 

-Biggest Mistake: adding two members to an already beefy alliance without telling anyone else beforehand. Also, being intimidated by Donny after he made some women laugh.

15. Joey.
Joey, Joey, Joey. I wanted to love you so bad after the first two episodes, but when those feeds when on...WHOOPS. You took everything you had going for you with personal relationships and threw it out the window with two fatal swoops. You attempted to create an all girl alliance a) when you weren't in trouble and b) in the BATHROOM. Then, you confront Devin in the hammock, explaining that the house is going to vote him out and that you feel very sorry. When his name wasn't even in the HoH's mind to put up. The target of the week found its mark on you so abruptly and so forcefully. Hey, Team America? I think we need to talk about Joey. We may have to let her go...

-Biggest Mistake: trying to create an all girls "alliance" plus outing it and/or telling the biggest dude in the house you're coming after him.

14. Jocasta.
Who? Oh, bowtie lady? Yeah, Jocasta hasn't been seen much on the show or even the feeds at all. There isn't much to Jocasta: she wears bowties and loves Jesus. She is my prime #1 floater of the season and she seems to be proud of it. I'm glad she has a faith to lean on, but this game isn't about faith. 

-Biggest Mistake: "I'm not about that, my only alliance is with God."

13. Brittany.
Here is another case of first impressions being off. Normally I like to see how the mother of the house plays the game, as with Danielle Reyes from Season 3/7. In the DR she is very well spoken and fluent. However, the live feeds have shown she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Sadly, her mind is against the wrong people, and the Bomb Squad may be after her next week.

12. Paola.
Dj Powpow in the HOOUUUUSE!! But not for too long. Before I go anywhere with Powpow, honestly, we need less DR time from her. One can only take so much of that voice. Strategically, Paola has essentially tried to just be the bubbly and flirty girl. For the most part it's working, but that personality can only get you so far. She is here for a showmance and not strategy. The only reason you aren't probably leaving this week is because Joey had an even bigger mouth than you. But who knows? Maybe she will coast...

11. Victoria.
Victoria gets the 11th seat for her floater-like gameplay this week. She's a mid-pack player who is almost forgot about because of the craziness going on in the house. Her and Brittany saved themselves from the block, so good on her. But if she hadn't, would she have been the target?

10. Amber.
I can't seem to get a read on Amber. Her personality is bland but is somewhat well-received with the others. Being part of the Bomb Squad is what moves her up more in the rankings than I'd personally want her to be. Caleb's obsession with her is something to watch out for, because at one point or another, someone's going to be unhappy.

9. Hayden.
Hayden has already been discussed as being a pawn for various plans. What I take from this is that most of the houseguests believe him to not be much of a threat. He has a strong connection with Nicole which I like, and their discussion of possibly faking a fight to be perceived as non-allies is interesting. Hayden is HILARIOUS on the feeds and continues to make everyone laugh. However, he expressed that he would never throw a challenge and wants to be seen as a competitor. Which, uh, isn't the best idea. Hopefully we see more of Hayden.

8. Caleb.
Never will I EVER want to see you up this high again. The only reason you are up this far is because of your protection within the Bomb Squad. Speaking of which, nice job creating a testosterone-filled, MASSIVE alliance that is starting to become pretty obvious to everyone else...because you guys are literally HALF OF THE HOUSE. You're obsession with Amber has gone viral on the feeds over the past couple of days and not for the right reasons *cough* stalker *cough*. You care about having a target on your back and want to be seen as a huge competitor? Be careful what you wish for. 

Side note: what's with some houseguests WANTING to be seen as a competitor to others? Wouldn't that be a disadvantage?

7. Donny.
Yes, I put Donny up here. No, it's not because he is a goldmine for funny moments. It's because he brings a different approach to this game then the rest of the heavy-hitter players this season. Donny is a straight-up guy and is observing his surroundings. He said on the feeds that he is just "watching Big Brother" even though he's inside the house, and that's exactly what he needs to be doing. He dodged eviction this week, and if past seasons have shown us anything, this early target may make a run for it. His biggest flaw however is that he is too trusting. Disband from Devin-the-sinking-ship quickly!!

6. Nicole.
I may be biased because she's a fellow Michigander, but this girl has something brewing. People love her in the house and don't see her as a threat. Her biggest strong-suit is that she is letting the big dogs fight it out while building relationships with people like Christine (go Team NICOTINE!), Hayden, and others. Plant your seeds and let them grow sweetie. Expecting to see much more of Nicole, even if she is a little ditzy.

5. Cody.
You are here because Devin and Caleb liked your testosterone. If you fall for Powpow I might vomit. You are a pretty face. Show us you are more.

4. Zach.
Alright, Zach is a tricky person to place on my rankings. Here's why he's here: he chose the right allies. He understands the Bomb Squad isn't a long-term situation and so has took a partner in Frankie. Frankie and Zach's "showmance" might be the duo that runs this house the first couple of weeks. Each of them has taken parts of the Bomb Squad as a separate alliance of their own. When the Bomb Squad blows up, they will be able to pick a side and yet stay under the radar from the opposing side. Zach, you may be extremely arrogant and a little psychotic, but it's working for you, so keep it up.

3. Christine.
The superfan. Walking into the house I thought you would immediately become an outcast who was too obsessed with the game to make any rational decisions. You proved me wrong. Christine is calm, cool, and collected. So much so, actually, that Devin's subconscious told himself to screw his own game by adding her into his alliance. If anyone will out this alliance, it will be Christine, mark my words. You and Nicole seem to be playing it right and have a plan brewing. Stay good with the boys and wait for mid-game to make a move. I'm expecting a lot from you! Make us fans proud.

2. Frankie.
Don't judge. Much like every one of you, when Frankie was announced for this season I frowned. I thought CBS was finding a mid-level celebrity with a famous sister to draw in more viewers, which they still may have done. However, Frankie is here to play. He's a fan of the game and knows what he's doing. The houseguests believe him to be the funniest person in the house, and rightfully so. Where he truly shines is with his strategy though. Frankie gets that the Bomb Squad, just as initials say, is BS. He gets what he needs from the other members but still talks game with others in the house. Efficiently. Watching Frankie on the feeds talking strategy with others is great, as he gets his information without pushing too hard. I want to see a lot of Frankie, and I didn't even know he existed until the show. I'M NOT A FANBOY.

Finally, we get to the number one spot of the week. This week's Power Player is...

1. Derrick.
This "undercover" cop has found a soft spot in my Big Brother heart. Initially I believed Derrick's plan to hide being a cop a little outlandish, but he's rolling with it effectively. He is pretending to have a Parks and Rec management position because he once worked in one. This way, he can still talk to people about his job without having any stereotypes of cops being pressed upon him. The way in which Derrick observes the others and talks about them shows signs of a true Big Brother player. The DR showcases how effectively he judges while the live feeds show how good of a position he is in. The Bomb Squad has his back, and the others trust him just as much. Derrick is a straight-up guy who knows how to make others believe what he has to say. Hopefully he doesn't get caught up in the inevitable demise of BS.

That's it for this week's Power Rankings! Disagree with my placements? Post a comment on who you think deserves a better judgement. Plus, check back next Wednesday for our updated list as well as more of my nonsense. See ya!

  1. Interesting to see Derrick so high and Zach so low. It seems like most bloggers and live feeders totally ignore D and are in love with Z. This is definitely something I will keep an eye on.

  2. I don't like the way the people of playing a game not playing the game the way the game is supposed to be playing just being played very sloppy very cocky if you're going to mucho sexy people on and then I can employ person and I didn't know anything about the game just in a lot of mistakes this year don't think I want to follow it like I saw that last year I was really into it last year anime you could send me an email my email is Greg movie 127 @ you could send me an email and tell me what you think thats my hoe my email but I just don't think so hey miss my opinion maybe I'm wrong that's it love you guys peace out happy 4th of July

  3. I love these rankings. Kind of surprised to see Derrik number 1, only because he doesnt seem to be getting the kudos he deserves from viewers. Surprisingly agree about Frankie. I was so ready to find him an annoyance in the house but he won me over. My biggest problem with this season, is none of the hgs annoy me to the point I want to see them gone.

  4. My top four match yours almost perfectly. I think Derrick is a really good player whose skills are subtle but effective. Great job!


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