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4th of July Devin and Caleb Fight: Bombs (Squad) Bursting in Air!

4th of July Devin and Caleb Fight: Bombs (Squad) Bursting in Air!

Flashback Time: 3:06 AM BBT on cameras 1 & 2

Wow 4th of July brought fireworks to the Big Brother house. Turns out it might have been the explosion of The Bomb Squad! Devin and Caleb had an argument in the backyard while discussing Brittney being the target and the girls feeling scared to talk to Devin.

First lets set some things up for you. Devin as HOH nominated Brittney and Pow Pow with Brittney being his target. Going into this week there was already talk within The Bomb Squad from the final 5 deal group (Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, & Zack) of possibly backdooring Devin. The generally feel in the house is hes a “loose cannon” and needs to go soon. All day on the Friday the 4th of July Derrick seemed to be working Caleb into confronting Devin about the “house” not wanting Brittney evicted this week and how the girls don't like the way he talks to them. The final convincing conversation seemed to happen in the hour leading up to the fight. Amber, Derrick, & Christine were talking to Caleb about saving Brittney. Around 2-3 AM BBT on cameras 1&2 (its a long conversation)

Finally Caleb, Derrick, Devin and Frankie are all around the pool table when Caleb decades to bring it up. Caleb tells Devin people feel he put Brittney up for personal reasons and more people seem to want Pow Pow gone. Devin says it was personal and he doesn't care what the “house” says, he wants what’s best for the alliance. He calls it stupid saying Pow Pow is no threat. Devin then says the only reason your are bring this up is “cause you're over there talking to Amber bro”. (BOOM!!!)

They go back and forth about it being personal or game for a bit until Devin wants to “poll the alliance”. He asks Frankie and Derrick both agree Brittney is the bigger threat. Caleb acknowledged that but says its not the whole story. Caleb says he knows shes a bigger target but there are alliance members who don't feel the same way and its chaos. When Devin asked who Caleb says “Who do you think? The people you brought in” (BOOM!!!)

Devin says he just talked to Christine and she doesn't feel that way. “Its Amber” Devin says “ “You’re getting love stuck” (BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!). Caleb says Devin is just blowing things out of proportion like always. Devin says he has been there for Caleb through everything and always had his back and can’t believe he's talking to him this was. Caleb doesn't deny that and didn't say he wasn't there for him. Devin then says “why are you talking to me this way its Amber”. (BOOM)

There is more talk about Amber and Christine not wanting to vote Brittney out. Devin said Christine didn't say that to him. Caleb tells Devin it is because they are scared to talk to him. This eventually leads to Devin calling Christine to the backyard. He asks her if she was scared to talk to him and if she didn't want Brittney up. She said no but she gets nervous anytime someone wants to talk and as for Britney she is still feeling it out. Devin says if she doesn't want her gone all she have to do is say it and we can talk about it. Devin wants her gone because she will put them up and make the biggest game moves. Caleb said I thought it was personal now its game. Devin said fine its 50/50. Devin asks Christine if it was true she didn't even want Brittney up to which she replied “I don’t care about Britney at all”. Devin says thank you all I wanted to know and walks inside the house.

Derrick and Caleb reassure Christine she did nothing wrong. Hayden and Jocasta came out to do laundry. Christine says she's sorry and didn't want throw Caleb under the bus but Devin is intimidating. Christine tells them she appreciates them saying something to him though. Devin comes back out pulling Caleb aside. He says Caleb is losing it and he doesn't talk to the girls that way. Caleb tells him its “not what the house is saying”. Devin snaps back with “There’s no more Alliance! Its done the whole thing is done!” (BOOM BOOM BOOOOM!!!).

That was pretty much it some aftermath included talking about what happened and damage control by Frankie. This seems like the end of The Bomb Squad or at least Devin. The next few days will be very interesting. What do you think of this situation? Is Devin done for? Did Caleb earn some respect from you? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. You can also reach me on twitter @CoryCShow Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother content you desire. And download the Big Brother Buddy App and follow us on twitter @BigBrotherBuddy for instant updates from the house.

  1. I think Devin and Caleb need a reality check!!!!! They both need to leave BB if not, those two will be the last to leave the show :p


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