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Matt Hoffman playing tricks on us

Matt Hoffman playing tricks on us

This is the time of year when former Big Brother stars head to "Greece" -- the famous trip Janelle "took" before she ended up on Big Brother 14.  When Janelle posted her "trip" on Twitter, it was almost immediately debunked, and that's when rumors started about her being a potential houseguest.

This year, we've got a couple former houseguests going on trips -- one of them is Matt Hoffman.  He says he is going to Uganda.  It's funny for him if we think he's gone to Uganda, and it's funny for him if we find out he's not in Uganda and then assume he must be going on Big Brother 16.  Win-win situation!

Anyway, he's not in Uganda,  his "departure" tweet, and his "arrival" tweet are only 15 hours apart -- meaning he must have taken a rocket there, or he's sitting on his couch laughing at us.  I am going to guess it's the latter.  It should have taken him 20 hours to get there according to Google.

So is Matt going to be on Big Brother 16?  Who knows!  But he's not in Uganda, and he's happy that we are wondering.

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