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Introductions: Blog Writer George J's Power Rankings

Introductions: Blog Writer George J's Power Rankings

Hello, and welcome to the greatest second-screen experience your Big Brother chops have ever had a taste for. 

Your conductor this summer shall be none other than myself, the man that once called in sick for forgetting to sleep after a night of a live feeds binge. The man who will not and can not miss an episode unless forced against his will. But most importantly, the man ready to share some BB insight.

This year, America's favorite summer reality show obsession is coming back with more twists than GinaMarie can count "cock-a-roaches." It is only fair that every die-hard or new fan out there is able to indulge themselves in as much Big Brother nonsense (although we would never admit it was nonsense) as they please. And Big Brother fans have some hunger.

So I'm here to help with that. Each week I will be posting an updated form of my  BB16 Power-Rankingsfor every houseguest left in the house. The list will include reasonings for each of their placements as well as what alliances/moves got them there. I'll be prowling the feeds as well, so any current knowledge on the houseguests will be posted every Tuesday or Wednesday, so make sure to check back in on our website weekly for more of my shenanigans.

With that, I'd like to say I'm ready to spend the summer with all you obsessive freaks, alongside staring at a computer screen to stalk 16 new strangers. Won't you join me?

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