Introductions: Blog Writer Cory C - Big Brother Buddy


Introductions: Blog Writer Cory C

Introductions: Blog Writer Cory C

Hello Big Brother Buddy! My Name is Cory C and I will be one the new BBB bloggers for season 16 of Big Brother. Just 1 day away this season already looks to be an interesting one with some of the biggest twists in a long time. I'm really excited to share updates from the house and thoughts on the game.

A little about myself I've been an avid fan since season 1 back when it was a completely different game and I'm an avid stream watcher who never misses an episode. Some of my favorite House Guests include Dr Will (BB 2&7) Jack (BB 4) Dan (BB 10&14) and Ian (BB 14). My focus will be on alliances and power shifts in the house. But my goal will be to bring you diverse look at whats going on as well as news and updates from the house.

Comment down below any topics you'd like for me to cover. Make sure you check back for all the Big Brother content you desire. And download the Big Brother Buddy app and follow us on twitter for instant updates from the house. It's going to be a wild summer.

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