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A huge twist in Big Brother or a whole new game?

A huge twist in Big Brother or a whole new game?

Every year, before the game starts, fans from all over try to guess what the years twist will be. From reading other sites, it seemed as though fans did not want any veteran players to return to the game. We saw this in the Coaches Twist (Season 14) where originally the vets were brought in as ‘Coaches’ and then after a reset, they were thrown into the game. This year, Big Brother did the unexpected and completely changed the game, but how much change is too much? Does this season actually have a twist or is it a whole new game?

Originally, the HOH was COMPLETELY safe from eviction, now, not only are there two, but neither is safe, until a new competition, the Battle of the Block, is played. The tough part for the HOH is that you have to reveal your ‘hand’ to the house without knowing whether or not they will actually stay. Both HOH have to nominate and show the house who they want gone, so in a weeks’ worth of time, 4 are nominated, but then only one will go. This does change the game completely, because it shows the house who you wanted gone, and then puts a target on your back.

This may be the only season where I can see where house guests not wanting the HOH because it doesn’t guarantee safety and if your nominations don’t stay, then you show where you stand in the house. What do you guys think, is there such thing as too big of a twist? Does this feel like a whole new game or a twist in the game of Big Brother?  

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