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Zingbot Returns!!

Zingbot Returns!!

This POV was brought to you by ZINGBOT!!
From what I have seen after the Comp each HG got a goodie bag from what looks like a Party. There was also a Cake with Zingbot on it. But if you think about it Baby Zingbot would be a year now so maybe a Birthday Party for Baby Zingbot. Amanda I guess got over heated, she had to be seen by the paramedic. She also said she got sick a few times too. But its all smiles with Her and McCrae, and not so much for Elissa and Aaryn. The HG are trying to figure who will be the replacement. Also Friday night I have a few Pictures of the GM and Amanda fight in the kitchen. Elissa had to calm down GM while McCrae came to get Amanda and take her to the other room. But later GM came to Amanda and Apologized to her. Amanda said Thank You. I cant wait to see the show so I can see what Zingbot had to say about the HG's. But of course I haven't finished watching all my feeds yet from Yesterday but one of the Zings Zingbot said was... Andy was a Floater!! lol
Amanda after the Comp with her POV and Goodie bag from Zingbot.

McCrae is all smiles now that his Lady won POV and he will be off the block.

Checking to see what they got from Zingbot. And Cake anyone?

Amanda kept walking back and forth and GM and Elissa trying to talk Game in the Kitchen. Each time Amanda would walk by they would stop talking . Elissa was taking a drink when Amanda comes back and starts in with them, mainly GM calling her Shady and Elissa spits her drink out as she laughs.

Amanda and GM keep going at each other, Elissa telling them to Stop it.
McCrae finally comes in to get Amanda.

And Elissa calming GM down

Amanda asking Judd if he can talk to Elissa about putting up GM as a Replacement.
Elissa telling Aaryn on Friday night that She is Safe, That is when we think Elissa turned her target from Aaryn to Amanda because of the Argument that had just happened between Amanda and GM. Or is that a False hope she is giving to Aaryn. Because we all know she cant stand Aaryn. We shall see in the days ahead.


  1. Is it me or is that nasty Amanda getting just HUGE!!! She is eating her way through this game


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