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Who wants to see My HOH Room!!

Who wants to see My HOH Room!!

As everyone is waiting for GM to come out of DR and to hear that famous line....
Who wants to see My HOH Room? GM yells.

Everyone comes out and follows GM upstairs to the HOH Room. But before they go in GM has to give a Speech.. Ohh yea.

GM thanks everyone and lets them know it was a good game they all played today.
So what awaits GM in the room? Lets take a look first.
I see GM's much needed Hair Dye..lol and lots of Candy. O the Crown, well that's a story of its own as GM tells everyone in a later Picture below.  

GM is in for a Big Surprise... Wait till she sees it.
Damn she walks right past it, but Aaryn notices it right off.

Aaryn tells GM its a picture of.............NICK!!
OMG She goes crazy.. :)

After checking out Items in the basket, GM does Story Time and tells the Story of "The Crown" and how she won it.
Ok America I'm off to bed, Hope you enjoyed the Days Blog.. More Tomorrow as there is a Food Comp. But everyone is a Have this week so maybe it is a luxury Comp.

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