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While we Wait.....

While we Wait.....

As soon as the HOH Comp was over talks was on the way. 
GM And Aaryn talking about who should she put up. They don't want Candice to play in Veto let alone win it. So Thoughts of putting up Jessie and Spencer, That way if one of them wins they can put up Candice. Then Judd's name gets thrown in as a pawn for replacement too.
These girls are all over the place. But one thing for sure they want Candice out.
McCrae worried that they will be put up. McCrae wanted to win bad. During the HOH Comp with just Him and GM he wanted everyone to go in so as he said " Promise her anything" so she would drop.  
Talks continue of who should go up and if someone wins Veto, Who would be replaced. Andy says he don't care any of the ones they choose.
McCrae talks with Amanda and tells he to not go off on people.
At Dinner Elissa and Helen get a chance at the MegaPhone, This is not a good idea BB.
I thought Spencer had to use it to do his talking. But I've seen him talk without it a few times.
As GM starts talking you can see someone excited on what GM had to say.
What do you think Elissa is thinking?
Everyone waiting around for GM to show her HOH Room.

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