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What the ?

What the ?

 Ok The last few days Weird things going on in the Big Brother House.
I catch Amanda and McCrae talking in the bathroom about 445 am and it seems they bickering yet again. This time its about Aaryn. Amanda believes Aaryn is hitting on McCrae. He Makes the mistake of saying he was flirting back..lol That just set Amanda off, McCrae brushing it off as saying it was just a Joke. Amanda tells him to knock it off.. Then you see her Picking her nose with a Q-Tip.. ewww. Then tells McCrae .." No one comes between me and my Man" lol

GM Now pulling a Amanda and crying about not winning POV to help Aaryn she says.
Then brings up she See's Nicks name on a Chip or something that was in the POV game gets her all upset again. Lowrd this Woman.. Nick run for the hills while you can.
Elissa got this Pouty look on her face, Not becoming of her at all. This was before the POV.
Up Stairs in HOH Andy, McCrae and Amanda and Aaryn..aka 3am
Talk about getting Spencer out after Helen. They don't like the things hes been saying and Acting Lately. And that they don't want him to be HOH because it means one of them will go up.
GM calling Spencer a Tampon. She been going off on allot of people lately.

And what is going on with Helen's forehead? Do you see it, kinda hard to miss. Did someone hit her or she breaking out in Nerves now that she is up on the block and worried shes going home?
And Poor Aaryn, Sounds like she might have a Sty. Wonder how she got that.. Maybe from the Have Not comp and all that goo..lol



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