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Trouble in Paradise?

Trouble in Paradise?

With Amanda being nominated once again as America's pick, emotions are running high. As one might imagine, Amanda is very worried about being on the block for a second week in a row. Given the babble last week about potentially sending her packing, she is getting a little scared. Chatter continues on who could possibly be MVP. I have heard Judd and Candice predominately being the culprit. Spencer also threw out that it could be America, which everyone was quick to shoot down. Silly house guests.

Aaryn is apparently telling Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie if they are to win the veto not to use it on Amanda because she is afraid she will go up. She is convinced its Candice and that she would for sure be the replacement nominee. This irritates Amanda. When GM, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae are in the HOH, Amanda ends up leaving when the conversation is started about not using the veto. McCrae stays in HOH reassuring Aaryn that all will be fine and he agrees no one should use it on Amanda, since Amanda has the votes to stay.

This leads to a bit of a lovers quarrel in the Have-Not room between Amanda and McCrae. Amanda is mad that McCrae seems to be taking Aaryn's side in this over hers. She says it really shows his loyalty. McCrae says he is purely playing politics. Amanda doesn't buy that. McCrae just says we have to play smarter and not harder. Amanda says we need to keep our relationship strong, and McCrae says we are. Amanda says it doesn't feel that way. McCrae just tells her she needs to quit freaking out and trying to get people to use the veto on her. He says you freaking out puts a bigger target on you. They seems to kind of squash it, with Amanda saying she thinks her chances in the veto are pretty good. McCrae agrees. Then Judd comes in and breaks up additional arguing.

McCrae and Amanda have been arguing more and more over the past few days. At first I thought they were staging the fight they had talked about to make it seem like they weren't as close. Now I am not so sure. Are McCrae and Amanda on the brink of BB divorce? How do you think it would change the dynamic in the house in the two split up?

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