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Thursday is Double Eviction Night!!

Thursday is Double Eviction Night!!

Ok these House Guest's have no clue I think what is in store for them on Thursday.
With Candice, Amanda and Jessie on the block. But as you know Jessie won POV and she will be taking herself off the block. Talk of Spencer was thrown around as a Replacement. Now with this Double Eviction this is how it might work. They will get the Eviction out of the way at the beginning of the show, just like any other show.. Then Julie might say after that Eviction.. Tonight is a Double Eviction. They they immediately do new HOH comp, Then Nominations, POV Comp and Ceremony then another Live Eviction. Then either right after that or later they will do another HOH most likely a Endurance Comp, and leave that for you to see next episode unless you have Live Feeds you can see the Complete Comp. So its is like having 2 Weeks in one night. This Thursday Night will be the night to watch for sure!
So tell me America with the 2nd HOH who should go up and who should go home?
Also we might not have to worry about MVP after Thursday's Show. 
  1. Andy should go if he doesnt win HOH. He is just cruising through the game and hasnt done anything. Although it may be best to keep him, cause he is never gonna win. Jury wont vote for him.

    1. good point, i wouldnt vote for him either lmao


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