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A BB Wedding and Game all over!

A BB Wedding and Game all over!

McCrae and Amanda decided to have a small ceremony last night for their marriage in case Amanda is being blindsided and ends up getting evicted tonight. Andy was the officiant. They did it very classy like, sitting in their sweats and pajama pants in the lounge. Elissa, Judd and Gina Marie were in attendance. McCrae started with vows, saying he would love her on the block or off, through have or have not, and until eviction do them part. Amanda said much the same. Andy starts to say by the power of veto invested in me, but Elissa stopped him and said they didn't say I do. Andy then proceeded to ask each if they they accepted the other, and they both said I do. They sealed it with a kiss. Everyone clapped, and Elissa and Judd throw a pillow at them. Elissa then as Matron of honor gives a speech and Judd follows with a speech of his own. Before everyone leaves, Amanda reminds them all that they will have a real wedding next week as long as no one is a jerk and evicts her.

Before and after the wedding,  in the HOH, Aaryn is getting very worried that she is going to go home next week. She thinks that Elissa will put her up or that Candice will put her up. Andy is trying to reassure her that wont happen. He is confident even if she were to go on the block, that Spencer would be up beside her and they would vote him out. She is obsessing over this. After the wedding, Andy asks Amanda to come up to ease Aaryn's paranoia. Amanda comes up and just basically tells Aaryn that she shouldn't be concerning herself with Candice, and she cant believe this is still being discussed. Aaryn says it isn't being discussed, its just going from being safe to not being safe. Seems then, the situation was diffused for now. Amanda and MccCrae head back downstairs.

McCrae and Amanda head to lounge and Andy comes in to talk. He is getting really worried about Judd. Talk all day has been they have to get rid of Judd. They need to get Spencer, Candice, Judd and Jessie out as the next four. Judd definitely has great relationships with everyone in the house, but I believe he would have stayed true to Andy, McCrae and Amanda. They just think he is being too "sketchy." Does anyone else notice that seems to be this casts favorite word? It will be interesting in the next few weeks how this distrust in Judd mounts.

Talk still continues about evicting Amanda. Howard and Candice are trying to get Jessie to flip. Jessie says she consider it if they have Andy. Jessie then talks to Andy, who says it is too dangerous at this stage in the game. Jessie goes back to Candice and Howard and tells them she is really scared. Tells them if they can convince Andy, then she will be on board. Jessie didn't tell them that she already had talked to Andy. Jessie heads to bed, and Howard and Candice talk about taking to Aaryn and Andy today. It would be crazy if they were able to pull off a late game hail Mary. What do you think the chances are?

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