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The Pot has been Stirred....

The Pot has been Stirred....

I think Jessie was getting a little bored because last night she decided it was going to be a drama filled evening. The first conversation/confrontation happened in the backyard between Jessie and Helen. Helen apparently had said that Jessie was going after Amanda in front of Aaryn. Jessie was none too thrilled about this as it could create issues and cause her to be evicted. Helen says she thought it was pretty much public knowledge. Jessie says no, it wasn't. Helen just tells her everyone knows about it, Judd told everyone. Jessie says so Judd was just going around throwing me under the bus. Helen says well I was mad at you when you were trying to flip the house on Elissa and I. Jessie says when? Helen says when you tried to get Amanda out. Jessie doesn't understand how that was flipping on them and that she doesn't lump them as a group. Helen ends up walking away from the conversation saying she is done.

Later, Helen and a reluctant Elissa go to confront Jessie. They heard Jessie is saying they both were trying to get Amanda out. They were of course, but that wouldn't sound very good. Jessie says she said that because it is true. Elissa and Helen both deny it and walk away. After they walk away, Elissa is sure to tell Amanda she never said that. Amanda tells her she knows.
Helen ends up back in an argument with Jessie, this time with Andy as witness, I guess. Jessie brings back up that Helen and Elissa were on board to get out Amanda. Helen denies it. Helen said she was done and walked towards the door 3 separate times before she actually left. This argument was basically just Jessie telling the truth and Helen over and over denying it.  At one point Helen even without meaning to says that she was just telling Jessie that. Jessie fires back so you were lying to me. This was when Helen walked out for the final time. Seemed Helen would go to leave each time she was being caught in a lie.

 Even later still, Helen and Jessie are still trying to solve this issue. It goes and ends the same as the others, with Helen walking away. Helen just denies and denies, although she does say she lied to Jessie when she said she would vote out Amanda. Pretty pointless fight.
In the wee hours of the morning, GinaMarie and Aaryn get in to it. Jessie had been outside talking to GM and Spencer after she had listened at the door hearing Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen and Aaryn talking about evicting her. She tells them well I guess they have been lying to me and they are evicting me, GM plays dumb. Jessie continues to say they were talking crap about her. This leads to GM telling Aaryn that Jessie was just saying that Aaryn and them were talking crap. Aaryn is mad and says I don't like that she was talking about me. Getting a little fired up, GM tells Aaryn to calm down. Aaryn tells her not to tell her what to do. Aaryn, in what I can only guess is a slop related freak out, just starts screaming at GM. She goes to leave the room and GM follows her out. Telling Aaryn to say something to her, if she wants to get loud, then get loud to her face. Aaryn then heads back upstairs and tells GM to get the f**k away from her. GM then follows her and yells down to Jessie to come up. Aaryn says I don't want to talk to her, why are you calling her up here. GM says I want to make sure you aren't trying to talk behind my back. I want to make sure real things are being said about that I said. GM ends up going down and getting Jessie, Amanda and McCrae. She tells them all what she told Aaryn, just to make sure no one gets her words twisted. Jessie comes out looking just smitten about her situation.

What Jessie doesn't truly realize is that she is not helping her situation and even if she creates doubt, she will still be evicted. Her antics have continued today. I will update you later on all the craziness continuing today.
  1. Elissa and Helen didnt start the plan to flip the house on Amanda, Jesse did

    1. No, they didn't start it for sure, but they were going to go along with it until Helen found out Judd and Andy weren't on board.


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