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Such as Life in the BB House!

Such as Life in the BB House!

So much Happens in BB so here is some extra Photos to show you what else goes on in The Big Brother House.
A Candy Ass?

And how can we forget this ?

Reinforcement talk


Awww isn't that cute?

Really Guy's?

Feet PJ's? Come on how old are you

Wonder what Judd is thinking

Quiet Morning.

Judd and Amanda Dying Laughing at GM's Nom Speech.

GM's Pic of her and Nick from HOH

Aaryn and Judd in bed


What the ? Dental What?

Safe Sex in the Big Brother House being enforced.
To bad they being used at blow up animals and Pranks on Judd, Pic below some.


Jessie and Judd making out. They been doing this allot this week too .. Watch out Aaryn.

Amanda's Party

Practicing Cake Eating Time

While everyone up in HOH having a good time at the Party.. One is missing.
You really think Candice would show up? Not!!

GM's HOH Pictures. This one for you Nick

Surprise!! Party for me?

Amanda's ring from McCrae.

Sometimes yes the HG's have a nice Dinner together. Its not all Fights :)

This was Happening allot for us Feeders, and these Damn Fish too.
Grown up Telephone in the Back Yard. Pretty Graphic at times.

Hope you all enjoyed these. Again let me know what you would like to see and here also :)

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