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Sneek Peek at maybe Tomorrow Night's Veto Comp!

Sneek Peek at maybe Tomorrow Night's Veto Comp!

House Guest was surprised with a Game in the back, and they have so long to Practice.
HG's have been guessing this is like a Comp that was used last year.
HG's have been talking heavily about a possible Double Eviction. They also been trying to figure out the Votes, Who might go and Who might Win. Judd thinks its a 7 Person Jury and others think it's a 9 Person. But as you all know its a 9 Person Jury and yes its a Double Eviction. So here is a hint of the Game that looks like it would be meant for the Veto not a HOH. The second HOH should be a Endurance. I feel bad for the first HOH, 40 minutes maybe to be HOH.. It's a rip I wonder if they get a basket too. We soon will know because its only Hours away to Big Brother Time !!
Ok you put the ball on the board, then it rolls down to the end.... 

To the opening at the end of the board, there is one on each side at the end.
And Plop! its in. 
McCrae thinks there will be these boxes all along the board on each sides with different things about the Big Brother game, and you have to drop the ball in the box with the right answer.
But again being Double Eviction, it has to go fast because they are doing Two Weeks in one Hour. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Tomorrow.

  1. I think this competetion is after the double eviction , because GM is able to play and it takes a little more time !! ;) #logic #it's me #Issa IsIn Love


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