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Should Amanda be worried?

Should Amanda be worried?

Paranoia is running rampant in the Big Brother house like it so often does. The newest worry going around the house is that the vote will come out 3 votes to evict Candice, 3 to evict Amanda and 1 to evict Spencer. I think the paranoia started when Aaryn, in an attempt to stir the pot, told Amanda that GM hates Amanda. She tells Amanda that GM says that almost everyday. Of course Aaryn knows Amanda and knows even after telling her don't say anything, Amanda will do quite the opposite.

A short time later, GM pulls McCrae into to the Have-Not room. She starts to tell him something, that she prefaces with, I am telling you instead of Amanda because I know she will freak out. Amanda then decides this would be a good opportunity and enters the Have-Not room to ask GM about what Aaryn said. GM adamantly denies ever saying she hated Amanda. She admits that in the first week, she found Amanda to be annoying but since then she really likes her. Amanda seems to believe her and wonders why Aaryn would say that. Amanda leaves and GM continues her conversation with McCrae. She tells McCrae that Aaryn wanted her to nominate Amanda and Elissa, and pushed hard to have Elissa put up as the replacement for Jessie. McCrae is just blown away. He cant believe he thought he could trust Aaryn.

McCrae later pulls Helen into the storage room and relays the information that GM has told him. Helen is flabbergasted. He tells Helen it is crucial for Elissa to vote out Candice. He is afraid she will vote to evict Spencer, so she doesn't have to vote for Amanda or Candice. He is also afraid that Aaryn, Judd and Jessie are working together and if the votes come out to a tie between Amanda and Candice that GM could very well vote Amanda out. Helen assures him that Elissa is 100% on board with voting out Candice. She explains that Elissa doesn't like it but will go with the house. She also tells McCrae she will double check with Elissa to be sure. McCrae thanks her and leaves.

After a while, Amanda finds herself in the HOH alone with Aaryn. Aaryn asks Amanda about an earlier conversation they had where Amanda had said she was worried about a 3-3-1 vote. Aaryn asks who do you think would be "sketchy". Amanda says that she knows for a fact that Elissa and Helen would never vote against her (Little does she know, Elissa and Helen both have agreed if the votes are secured they will vote Amanda out). She said if the vote came out weird, then it would mean that Aaryn had probably flipped. Aaryn asks why would you think that, are you saying you trust Elissa over me. Amanda says no, I trust your guys equally. Aaryn really takes offense that Amanda would even suggest she would flip. McCrae comes up and Amanda kind of backpedals saying she never said it was Aaryn. Aaryn says she did. They kind of go back and forth with Amanda saying I dont know why you are so defensive, I feel like someone would only be defensive if they were up to something. McCrae tells Amanda to quit freaking out and just be quiet. Aaryn ends up leaving the HOH and Andy and GM come in. The conversation that just took place is told to Andy and GM. Andy is mostly quiet while GM is defending Amanda's position. McCrae is irritated with  that Amanda is starting stuff before the vote. Amanda maintains she did nothing.

Could the tables flip on Amanda? Does Amanda have real reason to be concerned? For the most part it sounds like Candice is still the target, but with the double eviction tonight, Expect the Unexpected!

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