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Season 15 Zingbot Zing Recap

Season 15 Zingbot Zing Recap

This week, Big Brother fans were treated to Zingbot -- or as McCrae would call it "Zing Bitch".  Here is a complete list of Zings for Season 15 for your reading pleasure!

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I finally understand why you are always wearing shorts...because Amanda wears the pants! ZING!

Don't worry, you can visit McCrae in Minnesota. Just mail yourself using your tramp stamp! ZING!

I hear you like to impersonate me but I think you're much better at being a cheap imitation of your sister! ZING!

You say you are a conductor...but you spend too much time on the dining car! ZING!

There's a ghost in the house. It's got a high pitched wail, it's pasty white and loves to float. Oh, wait, that's Andy! ZING!

some may say you were acting mean and nasty in the beginning, but I disagree….that wasn't acting! ZING!

Nick says since meeting you he feels he's been swept away into a classic cinematic love story...Fatal Attraction!

Everyone is glad to see you back...but they are more glad to see your bear shirt! ZING!
  1. love the show but think zingbot is really stupid

    1. Agreed!!! Just said that very thing to my husband.

  2. i norm love zing bot but this year he was not that fun it was kinda dumb and point less

  3. I think zingbot was right on with everyone,I love zingbot and also baby zingbot!!!!!

  4. I definitely think Andy's zing was the best!

  5. It was silly this time. In the past it was more blunt and kind of mean. I liked that better!

  6. They (CBS) didn't have as much material to use because the house guests use up all the good stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY against each other. The more harsh "zings" that they did use went to the HG's that they (CBS) doesn't much care for in my opinion.

  7. Haahhahahahhhahhahahahhahhahahah


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