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Paranoid Much?

Paranoid Much?

Jessie is trying to start a little something something. She told Helen that Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and GM were talking about a plan to backdoor Helen. This sends Helen into a straight tizzy! Helen pulls Andy into the storage room to discuss maybe getting Amanda out this week. Andy tells her it is too soon and maybe they can reevaluate next week. (Elissa and Helen had essentially this exact conversation last night.) Helen tells Andy what Jessie told her and Andy tries to assure her that Amanda is not coming after her and that they will deal with her when the time comes.

Andy then takes this information to Aaryn. Aaryn is the queen of blowing everything up and telling anyone and everyone willing to listen. She pulls Judd aside and tells him of this plan that Helen is putting together about evicting Amanda. She explains to Judd how badly she wants Candice out because Candice is just such an awful, horrible person. Really? She then goes to Amanda and McCrae and tells them the plan. This leads to Andy getting pulled into the lounge by McCrae and Amanda. Andy tells them that Helen was saying that but he was able to get her to stray away from that and that Jessie is starting stuff. Andy says they have to get Jessie out soon. He says next week she has to go. Amanda and McCrae agree. Andy tells Amanda to lay low, pretend she knows nothing. McCrae stresses to Amanda to keep it cool.

Several minutes later, in the backyard, Amanda is talking to Helen, Elissa and Jessie. She starts crying about how she has a feeling something bad is being planned. She says she is just tired of being on the block and maybe she is just paranoid. Helen and Elissa comfort her, telling her she is staying and not to worry about it. Amanda says its hard not to be. Andy and McCrae come out and wonder why Amanda is crying. Its explained that Amanda thinks something is going on and is worried.

This then leads to a conversation in the lounge with McCrae, Amanda and Andy. Andy and McCrae are irritated with her that she said something, when they told her to keep it cool. Andy is worried this will blow up on him. Why cant Amanda just leave well enough alone. Andy had already told her the plan was squashed. He even then talked to Helen one on one and Helen agreed it was too soon.

Ginamarie is beginning to get a little drunk with power. When she hears that people are thinking about doing the opposite of what she wants. She pulls Judd up to the HOH and basically threatens that she hasn't made a replacement nominee and anyone could go up. Come on, GM, just take it easy.

Are Helen and Amanda right to be paranoid about the other? Or should they both just cool it and get to jury and then fight it out?

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