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Operation Backdoor Amanda Has Commenced!

Operation Backdoor Amanda Has Commenced!

Its now official that Aaryn and McCrae have been nominated. Elissa was telling everyone her target was Aaryn, but it seemed she was keeping a bit of a secret. Last night the secret came out. Whether or not this was a big master plan or just the events of last night, either way it appears Amanda has become the target. Last night Elissa and GM had a pretty lengthy conversation about working together. This may have led then to Elissa asking Aaryn to talk in the HOH. They basically struck a deal, to work together but keep it secret. Elissa says she will fight hard in the veto and if she wins she will pull Aaryn off the block and put up Amanda. She tells Aaryn she wants her to fight her heart out and take herself down. Aaryn says of course she will. As much as Aaryn has done this season, I can't help but think a deal between Aaryn and Elissa is pretty awesome and will work out well for both their games as long as they stick to it. What do you think?

Aaryn relays the plan to GM, they are both pretty excited that Aaryn has a chance to stay. Aaryn, of course mentions nothing of the deal she made with Elissa.

Later in the kitchen, GM and Elissa are talking about the plan to backdoor Amanda. Amanda walks through and Elissa and GM pretend to be talking about the BB house decor. This happens a few times and finally Amanda explodes. Elissa starts laughing and spits her drink all over the counter. Amanda says she can't believe they are talking game in the kitchen and making it so obvious. She says it makes them look really shady. GM says she isn't shady. Amanda says GM is the shadiest person in the house. This causes a screaming match between Amanda and GM. Amanda is basically calling GM out for sucking up to Elissa and talking bad about her all last week. GM fires back that Amanda was saying things too. McCrae comes and gets Amanda. GM and Amanda were still yelling at each other from afar for a few minutes.

This leads to a conversation in the HOH between Amanda and Elissa. Amanda is definitely trying to cover her bases, telling Elissa that she wasn't calling Elissa out downstairs. She says that had nothing to do with her. She says she just hates that GM is being so fake. She even starts crying in this conversation, I think trying to appeal to Elissa's soft side. Elissa does a really good job in this conversation keeping her backdoor plan a secret. 

GM, Judd and Amanda were picked for veto to play along with Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae. Elissa, Aaryn, Judd, Spencer, and GM are all in the know about the plan to get Amanda out. Elissa is very leery of Andy. Veto, I am sure will be awfully tense to ensure that Amanda doesn't win. If all turns out the way Elissa plans, the house should be absolutely nut-so over the next week.

  1. Duuuuh. This is a pretty crappy cast. Buuuut I love the strategy and I've been waiting for someone to finally start targeting Amanda. I think most of America had been but I was pretty sure that everyone woul be all like "so many other people want Amanda out, I'll take out a floater and keep my hands clean" FYI "keeping your hands clean" this late in the game doesn't work. Tho is where you make big moves and take out the bigger players. Now I hate rachael (Elissa's sister) with a burning passion. And at first I hates Elissa for this. But as the game develops I get to see how different her game really is. When everyone was targeting her because of her sister she did a great job at laying low, and now realizes that is the time to make a power move. This is IMO the first big move of the summer apart from taking Nick out 2nd week. Good job Elissa. Please please please don't let Amanda win pov. And please follow through with the blindside on Amanda!

  2. Noooo worst fears


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