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OMG! I cant believe IT!

OMG! I cant believe IT!

Hello Everyone, I cant wait to see Tonight's Show for myself so I can see what the heck happened. By my updates by Our Own Big Brother Buddy We got the results of tonight's Mess of Eviction's and Comps. You ready everyone, Because i didn't think this is how it was going to turn out towards the end. Lets just say I'm disappointed.
Ok At the eviction, everyone one voted out CANDICE! As we knew it was going to be. Then there was a HOH Comp... AARYN won that Comp..... She put up JESSIE and SPENCER.. This I'm thinking OOOHH Yes finally that whiny B**** is going home, meaning Well the POV is played and the New HOH Aaryn wins the POV.. Ok Aaryn Uses the POV on saving JESSIE...WHAT!!! really omg I'm about to loose it. But I see what they might think because she is not a strong game player and they will get her out next week.. I just didn't want to hear her whine for another week, I don't know about you all. Then as a replacement Aaryn ups up JUDD!! Yikes!! Poor Judd is going to get Backdoored because everyone thinks he is MVP. What Julie didn't tell them America was MVP! This is Crazy. Not everyone Votes to Evict who else JUDD! Now as a game play that is good because Judd is a strong game player. But Dang it people Whiny Jessie wins over Judd.. I'm so Pissed about that crap. But Its a game and the House did good in their Choices.. But are feeling the Loss of Judd in the Outcome as seen here after the Show. HG's Crying from having to Backdoor Judd. 

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    1. The new HOH comp hasn't been played yet. Will probably be played sometime late tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Someone please evict Helen already! Grow some balls and nominate/ vote out who you want out not what the house wants . Bunch of pussies in the house this time


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