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Oh No not again!

Oh No not again!

Amanda is at it again.. If you Read Amy's Blog you will understand what I'm saying. Let me tell you there was lots of fish during the night. Video of the fight below!
This is the Couch Scene, with Amanda going off on Jessie about trying to flip the House.
Then when she walks away from Jessie, Amanda works her way through the kitchen and starts on Candice.

Yelling at Candice about the Rude Comment Howard made and again trying to get Amanda out.

Then Helen gets in on it too.

With things being heard upstairs, Aaryn and GM come down to see whats going on.
So Now everyone is down listening to this argument.
Later on you hear Amanda outside with some of the House Guests.
Not much in Video from outside till you see the Fishies...
But BB leaves the sound going, and all you hear is Amanda going off on Jessie.

Here is the video for you all of Amanda going off on Jessie. You got to hear it..lol
Heres the Link.

Candice puts on GM outfit, dances around then decided to go outside and well she and Jessie get into it too. What a night.

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