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McCrae is Pissed !!

McCrae is Pissed !!

 Is the wedding off for these two love birds?
McCrae yelling at Amanda for fighting with Candice during the Veto Comp.
McCrae keeps saying " I just don't get it" You need to keep your mouth Shut.
Why do you need to say anything.
Amanda was saying that Candice lied about saying that She said that Judd is MVP this morning.. But Amanda my Dear you did say that.. You even said "I 100% Agree he is.
Here you are in the room this morning with Elissa, Helen, Candice, and Andy. Everyone was saying they think Judd is MVP. So from your own words Amanda... "Don't Play the Victim"
You said it, so Own it.

So what do you think? Will Amanda be next to leave?
Did this mess up her and McCrae's safety? Or just hers?
Or Will Spencer be the Next to go?

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