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Live Eviction Today!!

Live Eviction Today!!

With the Live eviction just hours away, it seems its a landslide vote to Evict Howard to go home. Amanda and McCrae been trying for Weeks to get Howard out, And thanks to Aaryn doing the dirty work looks like their wish will be granted. Then after the Eviction, There will be a Game for HOH. They talk of Endurance, which they haven't had one since the first HOH of the season. Who do you think will win this game of Endurance tonight? Few thoughts of names come to mind.. Elissa, Amanda, McCrae. We shall see tonight.
While in HOH the HG that won gets to Take photos during their time as HOH . So here is the link to see those pictures from Aaryns HOH. But there is one you will not see and I have...And I guess I will share with you all :)
Doesn't that just make you laugh? Well Aaryn was really getting ready to take this picture as soon and Jessie got in.  
Also I Mentioned a few days ago about the Photo Booth Pictures.. Well here's the Link to the Finished Photos from that Day!
Don't forget to look for Clownie!!! 

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