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Judd goes off on Andy!

Judd goes off on Andy!

Well yesterday Judd and Andy went around and was messing with people. First it was Spencer.
They went in the room when he was taking a nap, Andy saying lets wake Spencer. So Andy and Judd decided to slam the have not room door a bunch of times to wake him up. By like 4 or 5 times Spencer wakes up. They start laughing. Then later That day They got some pillows and the wig from the veto comp and fixed up his bed to look like someone was in it, and topped it off with some shoes. They stand back and laugh at their work . Then Amanda and Elissa come in to look and they all cant stop laughing.

Then they decide to move in to the Have not Room and do GM's bed.
But Amanda and McCrae walk in and look at it and laugh as they sit to talk in the Have not room.

Then a bit Later Aaryn walks in and looks at Spencer's bed with the WTF look.
Helen tells Aaryn That Judd did it.
Spencer just comes in looks and starts taking wig off and put pillows back before he goes to lay down in the bed. No biggie for him..lol 
Then they move to MCrae's and put something under the blankets, Then Andy puts a cup in Howard's pillow. But all the fun and games come to a end with Jessie in a bad mood.
Judd tries to joke and talk to Jessie, but shes in a bad mood, he asked whats wrong she says Nothing. Judd keeps on asking Jessie Questions, She says "It doesn't matter how I feel" Judd saying yes it does.
Judd asked her if she talked to Spencer and Jessie goes off on Judd saying "WTF" then says "Stop putting F*ing words in my F* mouth, And turns over. 
 Judd gets up and Says "Yours being a A**hole"
Goes to the door and says "I'm not putting up with your Childish games Today" and walks out.
Judd goes to ask Amanda and Elissa if they know whats wrong with her and if they could go talk to Jessie. So They all go in the room and Amanda tells Jessie This is a Intervention.
But she still wont talk to them, Just saying to leave her alone. Aaryn comes in a few minutes later to ask Jessie if she can get her anything but she tells her No. Meanwhile you see Helen jump from her bed to listen at the Door as soon as Aaryn went in. 
Later on when Aaryn, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae and Andy in the Bathroom, Judd shaving they all talking About talking to Jessie. Andy mentions to Judd he didn't like what he said earlier that wasn't right about bring up Howard's name. Basically calling Judd a liar.  
Then Judd yells at Andy saying  "Ok Andy stop looking at me like that"
Andy says "I'm no,t I'm just trying to tell you that's not what was said"They keep arguing. 
Like if there wasn't enough Tension today from all the Blowups, They put one more in to end the day. Judd already looking bad in the House Guest eyes with the things hes been doing and saying. Is this another Nail in the coffin?

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