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Is there a new Showmance going on?

Is there a new Showmance going on?

Has anyone notice this going on that Aaryn and Judd getting closer?
Saturday they was in the HOH on GM's bed and playing around, then Judd was going down stairs to take a nap and Judd asked Aaryn if she would go lay down with him. Aaryn said she would be down later, but i believe she didn't go. Then last night while Judd was in shower it looked like she was peeking at Judd.
Later that day while up in HOH room Aaryn was talking to Spencer up in HOH, Judd comes in and Aaryn tells Judd "Hey Judd, come sit next to me" Then he lays down on her lap and she starts patting his tummy.
Wonder what shes looking at.
Awwe.. They as Aaryn calls it, 69 Snuggling.


As Judd lays there, Aaryn rubs his head and face for over 10 minutes.

Later that night Aaryn goes to Amanda up in HOH with GM and tells Amanda she needs to talk to Judd, because he thinks she is after him. But he told her Earlier that he wouldn't vote her out or put her up and hopes she would do the same. But Judd still worried. Aaryn told Amanda that she trust Judd now because them two have a "Different Relationship". So keep a eye on these two.. Look out David you been Replaced.

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