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Houston We have a Problem!!

Houston We have a Problem!!

 What a week, and its not over with yet!
With this being Wednesday, the week isn't over yet, and its been jammed with Stuff going on.
With the Veto bring the Punishments, watching Amanda Tan to Bachelor and Bachelorette Party's, to GM's Coloring her hair and then her Breakdown yesterday over the HOH Blog. There has been lots of talks about who should go and who should stay. HG's trying to figure who they want to go to jury for the Votes they need at the final 2. But little do they know they are already screwed. So all there hard work to get Certain people out before others just went out the window after they evicted Howard. Wait till they find out all this plus Who the MVP is.
I will be putting up Blogs on GM's Breakdown with photo's, also the HOH Beauty Salon Photos, and Photos of other week events. So please keep checking back. Also anything you would like us to Write you about or show Photos of, Just let us know.
Like how Judd is playing both Aaryn and Jessie..Not a good Ending going to happen there i tell you..lol 

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