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HOH Game and The Winner is !!

HOH Game and The Winner is !!

Ok America here we go. I'm going to cram this Blog with Pictures of the Comp.
I left off with everyone doing great, But Spencer breathing a bit heavy and sounds tired out already. Then I see them Dropping.
Being last HOH Aaryn doesn't play.

Then Spencer, Candice out....
Then Helen and Elissa.. And poor Amanda
Amanda was Pissed

Then you see Judd and Andy out
Which leaves McCrae, Jessie and GM

Then Jessie falls out after loosing balance.
Then there was 2..
GM and McCrae.
You know when it gets to 2 the deals begin. So each talk about making a deal.
GM says "drop and I'll pick one and you pick one", meaning Nominations.
McCrea says.. "I'll let you pick Both".  GM..NOPE!! That's it Girl stick to your guns.
Looks like Helen gets $5000, Thought Judd got to talk in a Megaphone for 24 hours. But no its someone else who won that beauty.

As Elissa looks all excited and the HG's cheering them on, McCrae looses balances and falls off.

GM asked as McCrae falls.."Did I Win?.. Everyone says Yes!!..
GM .."Holly Crap" And falls to ground. 

Aaryn giving GM hug as she gives the New HOH Winner her Key!

GM Hugging everyone, you see her so happy and crying as she hugs Judd.

And o yes here is the Winner of the Megaphone. Just what everyone needs .. The big mouth with a louder voice.

And a Tired McCrae..Good Work McCrae.

And while watching this there is more screen shots i will throw in on next blog. By the way America, Who was wearing the Bear Shirt Today?

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