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Helen is campaigning hardcore...Already!

Helen is campaigning hardcore...Already!

Now that Elissa has won the veto and will more than likely pull herself off the block, Helen is scrambling. Helen is definitely starting to feel like she is the target, even if Spencer goes up. Helen was campaigning to GM to keep her today. She was telling GM that Amanda has been using and manipulating Helen, Elissa and Aaryn. She tells GM that Amanda wants to get Aaryn to do all the dirty work, basically handing the game to Amanda and McCrae. GM seems to agree and wonders why Aaryn listens to Amanda so much. GM actually calls Amanda a rat. Helen says to GM that her, Aaryn, Helen and Elissa need to get together and talk. GM agrees.

Helen then goes to Aaryn. She basically tells Aaryn the same spiel. Also telling Aaryn that she has been loyal to Amanda all along and can't believe that Amanda would be turning on her. Aaryn again seems receptive, telling Helen that she would love to see Spencer go over Helen. Aaryn, of course, is a member of the 3AM alliance so the chances of her going against Amanda is doubtful. Andy comes in during this conversation. Helen relays the information to Andy. Andy tells her that she has his vote 100% percent. Again, Andy being a part of 3AM, he seems to lying through his teeth.

Helen leaves the room to get Elissa, leaving Andy and Aaryn alone. Andy and Aaryn agree that Helen is lying about her loyalty to Amanda. Andy knows first hand of Helen's desire to get rid of Amanda. They also seem though to legitimately be thinking about the threat of Amanda and McCrae. It doesn't sound like though that will come this week. Andy says though he would like to win the HOH with five left and use the opportunity to break up Amanda and McCrae, leaving the one that stays, Andy, Aaryn and GM for the final four. Aaryn agrees that is a very good plan.

Elissa and Helen come back upstairs to join Andy and Aaryn. Aaryn tells Elissa that McCrae told her before the last live show that Elissa was talking about her. Elissa doesn't understand why he would do that. Aaryn says, he is trying to get us to fight. I think Aaryn maybe setting herself up for next week if Elissa were to win HOH, so that Elissa would go after Amanda and McCrae instead of Aaryn. Interesting. 

Right now, there is a conversation going on between Amanda and Helen. Of course the earlier conversations got back to Amanda. Amanda, who was set on blindsiding Helen, apparently has had a change of heart. She is telling Helen she will vote her out based on the fact that she has heard Helen is coming after her. Helen is denying this. Amanda is saying she knows the truth. Helen says she only said she was coming after Amanda because she heard Amanda was trying to get her out this week. Amanda denies this, saying Spencer was the target all along. Both are lying, but hey its Big Brother, right?

Does anyone think Helen has a chance to stay this week? If she is evicted, do you think she has a great chance to win the competition to re-enter the game? If so, how crazy would it be if Helen came back in and won HOH? Talk about game changing!

  1. I would love if Helen came back and won the HOH and got amanda out of the house !!
    I don't understand why everyone listens and does everything amanda says, she hasn't won one competition, I think her game play sucks horribly and I think she's a mean person overall, she has to go next week!!! PLEASE! It would be the best game changer yet !

    1. I completely agree! AMANDA HAS TO GO!! She's a heartless human being and everyone in the house seems to be her little puppets! Andy is a lying, floater, and McCrae is a complete moron who is at Amanda's beckon call. GM is a floater, I think Helen is playing an AWESOME game, and if she gets voted out and comes back, that's when the fun will begin! Everyone needs to break up McCranda! How come they are the only ones who get to have a showmance, but everyone else who had one was kicked out? Come on BB players, put some damn glasses on and take out AMANDA! Can't stand this girl! Worst person still in the house in my opinion

  2. No that would not be great!i have wanted Helen,Elissa, & Amanda out since day 1.amanda since day 14.bring Judd back.


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