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Helen, Elissa, Your not all that trust me!

Helen, Elissa, Your not all that trust me!

Watching the feeds lately and watching Helen and Elissa drives me nuts. Helen turning on the water works when she feels like it to see if it will get anyone to keep her here. And Elissa I just know about her, Now she wants to play the game and go threatening Andy if he Doesn't Vote to keep Helen we coming after you. Really? Helen said the same thing. Trust me Lady's Your not all that like you think you are. Helen told Andy that if he Votes her out He will have a target on him like no other. Meaning that Elissa and Aaryn , GM will be after him. Sorry to burst your bubble Helen.. Only Elissa might be the one to be upset. and I'm hoping she will be then next to go. Helen said last week she will not be a Bitter Vote from the Jury.. I beg to Differ. There is so much Lies going on in the house about who is aligned with who its hard to keep up and which one is the true Alliance. And well To top it off, I think the Honeymoon is over. Amanda is upset about McCrae not giving her affection like he use to. Well damn maybe he needs some breathing Space Amanda. I for one see a Big Brother Divorce, What do you think?
Helen Crying to Aaryn
Aaryn confronting Helen about putting her up

Aaryn telling Helen you been targeting me

Elissa telling them that she don't care what you all think about her.. Not trying to be mean she says

Andy gets confronted as soon as he comes in the room.. Elissa says to Andy "So I hear your voting Helen out". Andy... I been thinking about it.

Helen.."The Jig is up Andy"
Andy Tells Helen that she wants to get people out that keep him safe.

Helen trying to start crap by saying Amanda saying stuff about GM.

All the girls Talking about a Alliance and trying to keep Helen.

Amanda whining to McCrae he not being Affectionate any more

Amanda looking more and more like Rachel and her Whining Pooor Mee.

Amanda leave the poor Man alone already look at his face.

I noticed how distant they being. I see Divorce in the horizon.
Amanda and McCrae get into it again, McCrae
telling Amanda to Suck it up.

You can always tell its day before the HOH and Veto, Helen running in the house.
They are on Lock down.

  1. The grammatical errors in this post are astounding.

  2. hmmm spell check police already.. Whats the fine? Sorry it was so hard for you to read..The other 299 other people so far reading it haven't had a problem.

  3. They absolutely had a problem, they were just too disgusted to even comment. I can understand one or two honest mistakes, but Jesus, this is bad.

  4. I agree...it's pretty bad.

  5. Really bad post. I don't agree with your opinion, but it's hard to even get past the grammatical errors to give the post a chance. Maybe you have kids in elementary school who could help you? Just a suggestion.

  6. Amanda, spencer and Andy need to go next. I can't stand these people! At this point, I don't want anyone to win. Lol

  7. I come on here to read the blog about what I don't see on television, not to judge anyone on grammatical errors.... Give me a break already, people need to get off their high horses and calm down.

  8. I agree with the last post. Thank you for posting the update.


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