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Have Nots !!

Have Nots !!

Well the Have nots have been picked. Was Andy's Choice to pick them, But Elissa, Helen, Aaryn and GM all volunteered to be Have Nots. Way to Step ladies. But of course the whiny Jessie didn't step up. she likes to eat and Drink to much to give that up.

So Helen is showing Aaryn.. Her first time as Have Not how to make the Slop and the recipe given on how to do it.

The have Nots get to have Mackerel

And  Elissa ans Aaryn don't like Fish..lol

Yesterday Jeff got to talk to Rachel about this seasons BB Cast and Game. He also showed her what will be in the next BB Allstar's Game. Can you guess it? (pillow) Also Judd's Bear Shirt will be in the BB Allstar Game so keep a look out for that too.

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