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GM's Blog Breakdown!

GM's Blog Breakdown!

Gm came down stairs all upset, went to Cockpit and started to pout.
Amanda went in there to being her something and GM asked for Helen.
Helen went in to see what was wrong but before she could Andy showed up in there.
GM broke down telling Helen she is upset because she couldn't do her Blog Right. Not enough time..(45 minutes) Gm says "Everyone thinks I'm Stupid. Upset she couldn't spell things right.  
Helen telling her its ok, we all not good writers. (shoot I'm one I'm glad for spell )
We want to see GinnaMarie in the blog not Game.
GM crying that everyone will hate her.

Andy telling GM "We love you for who you are".
Helen keeps reassuring GM saying : You have a thing about you that's very Unique.

And Amanda lending support to GM trying to make her laugh.
Saying "Your so fun to Watch".

"Sorry guys I just get Frustrated and cant think " GM says.
"I love you Guys"

GM finally laughs at what Amanda has to say.

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