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BBQ Comp hosted by GM!

BBQ Comp hosted by GM!

Again with all the fighting and yelling and turning on each other, The HG's do have some fun times in the BB House. In the HOH Comp there was 3 boxes with Prizes. One was $5000, which was won by Candice. Megaphone for 24 Hours, Which Spencer got. BBQ Dinner, Which Helen won for herself and Three others. Helen picked Elissa, Aaryn and GM, but GM said she wont eat so she said she would hold a comp and the winner will get the third spot. Since yesterday Jessie has been boo hooing about not being picked, poor thing. So Tonight was the BBQ Comp held by GM and the HG's that wanted the spot had to Dress up, Sound and Act like GM. So we had.... Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Helen and Elissa doing it for fun.

The finalist was McCrae and Jessie and they had to do Rock Paper and Scissors for the spot.
GM gave a runners up prize of one night in the HOH Room.
McCrae won.. What do you think he picked?
Well his choice I think is because someone was a whiny butt.
But he picked the HOH Room and let Jessie have the BBQ.
I'm going to upload video of the Comp for you all to watch.. Trust me its funny as Crap. But had to do it in Two Videos and you will see why... (don't mind my son's voice playing in the background with our )

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