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BB15 Harlem Shake!

BB15 Harlem Shake!

This was such a fun thing, all the house guests participated and someone was nice enough to splice it all together and post it on YouTube. HILARIOUS!  
This video is no longer available. You can now see a clipped version with no music on the CBS Site. See link below:

  1. YouTube took my Harlem shake video down. Bad CBS! 1st you take down my video (that I had over 30,000 views and 400 likes. I don’t know how that work but I can still watch it on sites like this, yahoo search and Twitter. Was winning the race on that photo….lol (thanks to blogs like this) 2nd you cut me off from watching episodes on your website, because your having a fight with Time Warner. I DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME WARNER! Bad CBS, Bad. 

    1. That is such a shame, because your version was so well put together. They have put a clip of it on their site, but it is exclusive to the HOH and has no music. Still is funny but not as good without the music. Thanks for taking the time to out the video together and allowing me to use it in my blog.


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