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Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Party!

The girls threw Amanda a bachelorette party. All the girls were there except Candice, who said she had no desire to go to such a party. Aaryn and GM decorated the HOH for the party. They used bras and panties as streamers along the bed. They also made Amanda a tiara of sorts, that was made from aluminum foil and toilet paper hanging down the back. The party included sangria and a cake made by Elissa, even with home made frosting. Eveyone said the cake was very yummy.

Helen and GM even came up with a game. The game was basically asking Amanda things about McCrae and then letting McCrae say if she was right or not. For instance one question was when did McCrae have his first kiss, Amanda first said 2 months ago when he met me, then said maybe 15 or 16. McCrae said yes, it was 15. They also had McCrae answer questions about Amanda too. This game was pretty fun.

The party wasn't nearly as dramatic as expected. It was pretty low key and the guys were even allowed beer and cake at the party. I think there may have been more drama if Candice would have come. It appears that Jessie and Amanda have buried any issue they had before.

Later in the backyard, they all played (again no Candice) the game telephone, you know the one from elementary school. If you haven't heard of it, everyone gets in a line, in this case they sat all along the couch. The first person whispers a statement to the person beside them, then that person whispers that same statement to the person beside them. This goes on until the statement has been relayed to the last person in line. Typically these are really funny, because by the time it reaches the end, the statement is no where near the same. This happened several times during their game. All of the relayed messages are a little dirty to be shared. If you have the live feeds and would like to go back and watch, it started about 11:45pm last night. Overall a very fun night.

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