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Bachelor Party!

Bachelor Party!

McCrae had a bachelor party last night even though he already had what Judd called a "shotgun" wedding. The plan is to have a more serious ceremony this coming week. All the guys participated, Andy, Judd, and Spencer. They made an agreement, that the guys would get all the alcohol, which was 1 each of  red and white bottles of wine and three beers. Andy takes the white wine and McCrae has the red. Judd and Spencer split the three beers and had a glass of wine. Judd and Spencer were trying to get more wine from Andy. The guys all get drunk, especially Andy. Andy was even smoking! Andy was being very funny, telling stories from this past, even telling a ghost story. Andy has said he does improv in his regular life and it was very apparent last night. Andy is just purely funny. Very witty. The guys seemed to have a really great time. A nice bonding experience.Surprisingly, Amanda did not make an appearance with her band-aids.

The bachelorette party should be held the next time they get alcohol, where then the girls will get all the alcohol. That might be a scary night, and could mean lots of drama! That will be fun to watch. :)

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