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Another One of Amanda's heated Discussion!!

Another One of Amanda's heated Discussion!!

After the Ceremony, Judd, Andy, and Spencer, Amanda followed by Aaryn and Elissa laughed it up about how GM did her Nomination speech. Judd said he was getting bored at first, Then GM laid into both girls about why they was picked. Judd started to laugh then Elissa and others was holding hands under the table to make the other not laugh.
Judd said he laughed when GM was talking to Jessie and he might look like the bad guy now with that. They said GM called one of the girls "a Rat" and a "liar" cant wait to see this one.
Judd telling Amanda he couldn't " Pull it together"

Aaryn walking it and starts saying what was in GM's Speech and they start to laugh again.

Now Elissa comes in on the laughing.
They all talk about the the Speech and then goes to Kitchen.
This is where it starts up Again!!
Amanda starts in again with A Heated Discussion...
Man again.................... But Wait....O good its just about
Having Samoan or Chicken for dinner. And Samoan gets Vetoed Out!! 
Amanda going to go get the Chicken instead... Whew that was a close one.
Meanwhile up in the HOH Room... GM is STILL talking to Poor Jessie.
By The Way... Today the "Bear Shirt" was brought to you by....Andy :)



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