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Amanda on a rampage? Or justified?

Amanda on a rampage? Or justified?

Helen won a BBQ dinner for herself and three guests during the HOH competition. Helen extended an invite to Elissa, her closest ally and Aaryn, for putting up Spencer and Howard. She decided they would have a contest for the last spot, best impersonation of GinaMarie. Jessie was upset that Aaryn was invited over her. Amanda brings this up to her in the living room. Amanda is saying you shouldn't be surprised you weren't invited since you were trying to flip the house on Helen and vote me out this week. Jessie says she did not try to flip the house. Amanda says so you are going to lie to my face. Jessie fires back that there are a select amount of people running this house. Amanda says another reason you aren't invited to the BBQ because you are throwing Helen's name out for running the house. Amanda storms off from the conversation telling Jessie to go dry in a corner, heading to the kitchen.

Elissa, Candice and Helen are standing in the kitchen. Amanda is relaying the conversation with Jessie to them. Candice speaks up and says I only was going along with that plan in order to keep Howie in the house. Candice says that Jessie brought the plan to her and she was excited about it. Candice said she was only trying to keep her person, the same as Amanda would do. Amanda says sure but in turn you were trying to flip the house on Elissa and Helen. Candice right, because you guys are running the house. Helen then says no we aren't, Candice. Candice then says how was I flipping the house then? Judd, Andy and McCrae head in from the lounge, purely as spectators. Helen and Elissa tell Candice that they had her back. Candice said well when I started to feel like I was on the outs, then I knew something needed to happen. Amanda then says so you were protecting the guy that came to me and said he wanted to f**k the s**t out of me when we got out of here. Candice starts to cry saying she didn't know that. Amanda says well I didn't want to tell you. The conversation goes back and forth, with Elissa and Helen jumping in. Candice then says honestly I think you, McCrae, Helen and Elissa have a final four deal and you are running stuff. Elissa, Helen and Amanda all protest that they do not have a final four deal and aren't running things. The conversation kind of fizzles then with the crowd dispersing.

Then up in the HOH, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa, Helen and Aaryn are talking about Jessie and Candice. Amanda brings up the BBQ again and how Jessie is upset. Helen says sorry Jessie, you aren't invited because you tried to flip the house on Elissa and me. Aaryn tells Amanda that Jessie said McCrae was the hottest guy in the house and she checks him out all the time. Amanda says that is probably not a good thing to tell me when I am tipsy.

This then leads to another blowup in the backyard between Amanda and Jessie. Amanda brings up that Jessie tried to flip the house at the last minute, again Jessie denies it. Then things get personal, Amanda calls Jessie a slut, says she has hit on every guy in the house. Then Jessie brings up that Amanda had a boyfriend, so like she has room to talk. They go back and forth insulting the each other on a personal level. Amanda then tells Jessie she is going home. Jessie says because you said so, is that how everyone feels because Amanda said so. Jessie tells Amanda she isn't afraid of her, and Amanda tells her that she should be. Jessie calls Amanda the female version of Jeremy, a bully, and just because she has big boobs doesn't mean she cant be called a bully. This conversation turned pretty heated and BB even brought the cameras away from the argument. So unfortunately, I didn't get to see how it ended. Actually during this entire fight all the feeds had was audio.

Amanda is definitely not one to bite her tongue. Sounds like now everyone is in agreement that Jessie should be sent home this week. Wow, now a lot can change in a week, but crazy how Candice and Spencer were wearing huge targets and looks like they passed those over to Jessie. It should be another crazy week!

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