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All hell Breaking Loose in BB House!!

All hell Breaking Loose in BB House!!

During the comp Things Heating up Again. Not only with the Soon to be Couple or are they now with all the fighting they been doing lately, And now again after Veto Comp.  GM is pissed. There was some Rewards on the Comp and Punishments.
GM is So pissed right now over what Spencer picked at the Veto Comp instead of trying to win the Veto and save GM nominations.GM said he is F***ed, and that hes going up as Replacement. Spencer Picked a Trip to the Bahama's instead of Veto.
Judd Played and picked $5000 and is going to do a shout out for GM to Nick in DR.

And Amanda and McCrae still fighting and now not getting the Veto is making it worse.

Candice gets to wear a Clown Suit for the rest of the week. So GM said when she leaves she gets to wear the F***ing Suit to be interviewed with Julie.. GM loves that

Amanda asked McCrae if she is going home now, He said "are you kidding?"
McCrae also said .."You might, your making a spectical out of yourself and being a bully"
This is not going well at all. Keep you all posted on the Clowie Suit.. This gonna be good.. The Fire is lit Again

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