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After the Live Eviction Show !

After the Live Eviction Show !

After the HOH Comp Andy is talking to Aaryn about the Comp and Aaryn tells Andy that at the end when it was Her and Amanda playing the last round, Amanda asked Aaryn to give it to her as in throwing the Comp so Amanda can be HOH. If you watch the Comp again you will see Aaryn holding back and waiting for Amanda to get it, but took to long. To Bad Amanda, maybe next Time.

Aaryn and everyone trying to make Amanda feel better about Loosing the Comp, by telling her she is the Master Mind of the Game just so she will stop feeling Sorry for herself.

The Boys playing a Game of Mellon Bowling

From what was being said Elissa went and got all Pissy with Aaryn and GM not sure what about, but Helen up there in HOH Room talking to Aaryn and GM trying to make Excuses for her behavior to try to I guess save her from being put up. But its to late Aaryn already knows who she wanted up anyway.

GM saying she wanted to win HOH because she had a Game plan to put up a Pair, Aaryn said its ok she is taking care of that... Meaning Helen and Elissa

Helen trying to talk to Elissa about what happen today and it might of caused her to be put up or even both of them and that one of them will be leaving the BB House next week.

Aaryn talking to McCrae and Amanda about not putting her up if either one of them win HOH. They raise their hands and say "I Promise"

Helen, "I have a feeling one of us is going" Yep you got that right.
Now Lets see how the Veto Comp Goes Lady's.

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