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After HOH.

After HOH.

I'm so glad that Judd is back. It will be interesting to see who he falls back in with or try someone new ... like Elissa.

Elissa tells Judd that Amanda, Aaryn and Helen was working together to back door him.

Judd telling Elissa that hes back in with a Clean slate. I wonder how long though
Elissa asking Judd "Who do you think I'm going to put up?"
Judd says that hes ok with whom ever she puts up.
McCrae and Andy talking about if Judd will be loyal with what had happen to him with the Eviction. 

Then out of the blue Spencer has something in his bag. When he is getting in it you see him unfold a paper. He lays it in his bag and tells Judd to "come look at these shoes".  There is no shoes but that paper with some picture on it as you can kind of see below. The of course we go to

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