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Moods After HOH

Moods After HOH

After the HOH Comp allot of talk about what happened to Judd.
Amanda talking on how they cant let Jessie win HOH. 

This Jessie comes in to start he whining about Judd and her rant with him

Then Amanda, McCrae and Andy talk about the Eviction and Judd's plea to stay. Andy says he cant talk about it or it will make him cry again.
Amanda trying to console McCrae on voting out Judd

McCrae still upset as you can see about Evicting his Best Bud.

McCrae is alone and reading, or trying to read the Bible.
 After Eviction you find McCrae pacing back in forth allot. Going over in his mind what he had done
Amanda and McCrae and Andy talk about Judd and Andy and McCrae start to break down.

 The Girls Packing for Judd. Judd told McCrae and Andy and Spencer where his stuff is in case he was to leave.
McCrae takes a shower and Decides he wants to try out the to Funny 

McCrae goes in the Living Room and does Cartwheels and calling Spencer to take a look at him. Think hes loosing  Just then BB calls McCrae in DR.. So look for McCrae in the  

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