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Who wants to see my HOH room?

Who wants to see my HOH room?

Aaryn gets out of DR and says.."Who wants to see my HOH Room?"
Dead Silence...Everyone upstairs by HOH room hiding.

Aaryn wondering where is everyone..

Supriseeeee!!. Then Aaryn trying to get the HOH door open.

Then Judd Tries..lol

Then Amanda..........

Amanda gets it open and what do we see?

A Clown? Really. Ok Then. Oh and a letter from Aaryn's Sister again, And her Sash.

Aaryn showing HG's her Cats Collar and Earrings she bought her Mom. Then the Comment... "She must not of liked them then." (Since they with Aaryn now and not Mom.lol

Aaryn Reading her letter from her Sister.

Of Course where would we find these Two in HOH..lol

Awwe how cute. To bad she still lusting and Stares at McCrae.

Aaryn got a bottle of White Wine, Well that didn't last long with Aaryn and GM and Jessie Drinking it all.. Jessie feeling it the most and is clear shes Drunk.

Judd doing his Impersonation of Jeremy

More Game talk, Aaryn saying she wont put up Elissa. Saying she knows what its like to be put up Twice on the block back to back and its Traumatizing. Talking about her Promise.

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